BIG Sesame Update! Sesame added to some Allergy Menus!

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We’ve been looking for this update!

Sesame was declared a major allergen as of January 1, 2023. Several people have reached out asking when they might see Sesame added to the allergy menus, with no official update from Disney. 

Good news! While we haven’t seen Sesame added to the mobile ordering app, or the Parks, we have spotted it this week on several Resort quick serve locations menus!

See below for the Menus!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Two quick notes about the Sesame Allergy Menus

1.These are incredibly limited in offerings, typically only a few Sesame Items listed. When I ask about Sesame Friendly Offerings, I’m told there are several more items.

I’m curious (not fact or rumor, just my thoughts) if the Sesame addition was done rather quickly with a few generic safe items as more of a compliance liability. Hopefully we see more options added (And you can ALWAYS talk to a Coordinator or Chef to ask)

2. These Sesame updates are not live on the Mobile Ordering App yet, BUT they are online at Disney World Dining AND the menus inside the App.

Here’s how you get to Disney Dining Menus on Desktop… Follow the Disney Dining link, select the location in the top right, select the Quick Service location, Select View Menu, Scroll down down down till you see the Allergy Menus.

In the App, Type in the Quick Serve location (like this one is Centertown Market) or find it on the Location Settings. Click View Menu, Scroll down down down to Sesame!

Sesame Options on some Physical Menus and Digital Menus

Seen here at CenterTown Market at Caribbean Beach Resort. Cast Members told me these were new in the last two weeks.

Not that it’s not on Mobile Ordering…

But it is on the Menu on the App!

Seen here at Everything POP at Pop Century Resort. Coordinator said it’s been a few weeks since they got the new menus (and noted that they are inconsistent with ALL allergies when compared to the Online Menus).

Hip Hip Hooray for Sesame Inclusion!

With this latest Update, and knowing how hard the Disney Special Diets Team is Working, I’d expect Sesame to be added to all menus by the end of 2023.

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