Best times to visit Legoland (crowd calendar!)

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Planning a Legoland vacation is fun and all whenever you have time off, but when is the best time to head to the parks?

Great Question my theme park friends, and important to note when discussing typical tourist behavior!

⭐ For most families, the arrival day is likely a Thursday or a Friday. This makes the weekends at LEGOLAND particularly busy, especially when you consider the locals that stop by since they are off on the weekends. Then the average family leaves Sunday night or Monday. So the best days of the week to head over to LEGOLAND are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

LEGOLAND is great year round, and it’s particularly busy in March/Early April, in the Summer, and around the Winter Holidays. For Maximum time in the parks, head there in February, May, September, Early October, Early December. For the Best Budget Friendly Times, plan for January or Late August/September. 

⭐ Can you do LEGOLAND and the Water Park in one day?

If you come during the slower season, you can easily do both the Water Park and the main LEGOLAND theme park! Check the hours, as LEGOLAND opens earlier and closes later than the Water Park.

See all of the planning details and the latest info on the 🔴 LEGOLAND Florida Vacation Planning Guide

Best Days of the Week to go to LEGOLAND

⭐ The best day of the week is Friday! The crowds are still somewhat lower, but all of the weekend festivities are in full force. I do like to go during the weekdays, but sometimes staffing and activities are limited monday-thursday, and the parks typically close earlier on those days

Sunday is also a nice day to go, it might be somewhat crowded in the morning and afternoon, but most people clear out by 3pm or so. This means you can get a lot done from mid afternoon to park closing (which on the weekends, close time is typically 6 or 7).

Busiest Day of the Week at Legoland Orlando 

As with most theme parks, the busiest day of the week is Saturday! This is followed closely by Friday, as people take off from work to make this a three day weekend.

Sunday mornings can be quite busy, but since most people head back home this day, you can expect Sunday to be the least crowded weekend day at the parks (as long as it is not a Holiday Weekend). 

Best Day of the Week to get the Most Time inside LEGOLAND

If you only had one day to go to LEGOLAND, and wanted to make the most of the day with Rides, Activities, and the

There are two days I’d recommend. The first would be a Tuesday, because while the hours are typically shorter than the Weekends, you’ll also experience less crowds. Less Crowds mean that lines are shorter and you would be able to do more!

The other day would be a Friday, especially if you show up before park opening! Many Guests and locals are slow to start on Fridays, which gives you an early start to get several rides and attractions done before the weekend crowd picks up.

Least Busy Water Park Day 

The Best Day to Head to the LEGOLAND Water Park is Monday! Most people have arrived on Thursday or Friday, and leave on Sunday or Monday.

Monday is the least busiest day to head to the LEGOLAND water park! 

Lowest Crowd Times 

September, January and the first week of November and first week of December. This are standard low crowd times as they fall in these weird pockets around holidays, vacations and work/school schedules.

If you are working from home and the kids are too- January is a great month to visit Florida as it’s a low tourist time and there is so much to do without the influx of people coming to the Sunshine State! This is one of those top Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND Florida that you really need when planning your vacation.

Best Holiday to Visit Legoland 

LEGOLAND Orlando does a ton of stuff for the fall holidays and they make it so fun there! We are big fans of heading there in the fall for all of the decorations, and they do have a halloween themed event several nights in October. 

But the Best Holiday at LEGOLAND Orlando is Christmas! 

The Halloween Brick-or-Treat is every Saturday-Sunday, September 24-October 30

Here are the dates for the Holiday Festivities at LEGOLAND Florida, November 25-27, December 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 22-31

There’s so many fun attractions, meet and greets, scavenger hunts, and LEGO Christmas Builds! The Hotel is totally festive if you stay overnight and the music gets everyone in the mood. 10/10 recommend Christmas at LEGOLAND !

Best time to visit LEGOLAND when all rides and attractions will be open 

LEGOLAND Orlando operates like a few other Orlando area attractions and will close certain attractions in the “off season”. While parks up north will close for months at a time, here in Florida, the parks will just reduce the number of hours, days, or entertainment options. This is one of those things to consider when you wonder, is LEGOLAND worth it? Because it might not be depending on which time you go.

If you want to come when everything is open, plan to be here at the end of March, the month of April, and the months of June and July. December, with all it’s Holiday Festivities, also has a large number of options! 

Likewise, January and September have some reduced offerings. 

The times with the best LEGOLAND Discounts 

You’ll find that there are a few times for better discounts throughout the year… these are due to the seasonal demand of tourists and local theme park goers spending habits. 

Keep in mind that the best discount times also mean that offerings might be paired back some! 

For the Absolute Best LEGOLAND Discounts, plan a vacation in September! This is typically a great time to come to all the Florida Theme Parks, as people are back to school and scared of Hurricanes. Thankfully Legoland has a great hurricane/rainy day policy, and you can also grab travel insurance (highly recommend!) just in case. (Their Rain policy at legoland is even better than the Rainy Day Policy for Disney World!)

But also keep in mind that for my family, if there’s a hurricane, we head to the parks. It’s safer for us to be in reinforced buildings with no trees around than it is to be in our Lake House Surrounded by Oaks! The LEGOLAND hotels would be a great place to hunker down in a storm. 

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The Best Time to Visit Peppa Pig Theme Park

Anytime is the best time to visit the Peppa Pig Theme Park! This cute new addition to LEGOLAND Florida is smaller, and the lines are very short. While it may feel like there are a lot of families there on the weekends, there are so many playgrounds and play spaces that lines never get very long!

If you are looking to avoid large crowds of screaming children, skip Saturday. Otherwise, enjoy your trip there!


The Very Best time to go to LEGOLAND Orlando for all of the offerings is in the Summer. But the Lowest Crowd times would be in January, May, September, and the first weeks of November and December.

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  1. We have discount vouchers through membership as my daughter is a healthcare worker. We are trying to use her discount for April 2nd and April 3rd of 2023. The discount is not available yet through the website and we are not sure when it becomes available. We have accommodations for those days and are wondering if we should pay full price to be sure to get in on those dates?

    • LEGOLAND doesn’t typically reach max capacity, and they do not have a reservation system. If you arrive before lunch you would have no problem getting in.


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