Top Rides for Kids at LEGOLAND Florida (plus best options for toddlers and babies!)

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Going on vacation with kids is both exciting and… well… not totally like a vacation. There’s things to plan, itineraries to check on, and some research that needs to happen to make the vacation as smooth as can be! 

At LEGOLAND Florida, most all of the rides are geared towards the 2-12 age range (but I do think adults can enjoy several of the options). However, there are ‘better’ rides for kids and some that I think you can skip. 

If you are going for the weekend, between the shows, the rides, the other parks… you should be able to get everything in! But if this is a one day trip, make sure to save the lists below to hit the best rides and save the other ones for a different time. (and if it’s a one day trip, be *sure* to view the crowd calendar before hand)

a LEGOLAND vacation does take some research so check out the LEGOLAND Florida Planning Guide.

Best Legoland Florida Kid Friendly Rides

Most popular ride at LEGOLAND is… 

Based on wait times, the most popular ride at LEGOLAND Florida for younger children is The Boating School, and for older children is CoasterSaurus. 

It’s possible to do all of the rides in one day with a skip the line option from LEGOLAND. If you are looking for a more cost effective approach, learn more about a Budget Friendly LEGOLAND Orlando Experience.

Top 10 Best LEGOLAND rides for kids age 3-6

  1. Safari Trek 

2. Boating School 

3. Duplo Tractor 

4. Duplo Train 

5. The Grand Carousel 

6. Beetle Bounce 

7. NFPA Rescue Academy 

8. Technicycle 

9. Lego Ninjago The Ride 

10. Ford Jr. Driving School (for kids 3-5) (6 -12 go to the regular Ford Driving School) 

And if you have a three year old, see all the fun things three year olds can do at LEGOLAND

Top 10 LEGOLAND rides for 6 and up 

  1. Aquazone Wave Racers

2. Flying School 

3. Beetle Bounce 

4. The Great LEGO Race 

5. The Dragon

6. Unikitty’s Disco Drop

7. CoasterSaurus 

8. Mia’s Riding Adventure 

9. Lost Kingdom Adventure 

10. Boating School 

You can use the LEGOLAND app to select your favorite rides you want to do, or you can make an old fashion list. There’s a lot of fun tips for making this vacation extra special, and you can read about it in the top hacks for a LEGOLAND vacation

Are the rides worth it for the kids?

Some people online have compared these rides to fair/popup amusement types carnival rides. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

For one, I’ve never been scared that the rides were going to fall apart on me while riding. For two, they are much larger and more themed than carnival rides.

I would say that the new sesame street area in seaworld IS very carnival like. Legoland simply isn’t the case!

Just wanted to clarify as I know some people are curious if LEGOLAND is even worth it… but it’s definitely a theme park with some pretty decent options. If you’d like to see what else there is to do besides rides, check out the Can’t Miss LEGOLAND list.

Best rides for Babies and Toddlers 

Headed to LEGOLAND with the littlest ones is still very fun! My youngest has enjoyed LEGOLAND so much, especially as the DUPLO valley is designed for the younger ones. For rides, enjoy the Duplo Train and Duplo Tractor (plus check out the indoor play area and baby changing stations inside the schoolhouse!) 

This area does get alittle crowded, so be sure to look over the LEGOLAND crowd calendar.

Things to consider when planning rides:

Not all of the rides are open all of the time. For example, the Grand Carousel often opens first (depending on hours) as they sometimes have the back section of the park open an hour later. 

Weather is also a factor when choosing the rides, as outdoor rides don’t operate when it rains or there is a threat of lightning. In those instances, you would want to head to the inside shows (but prepare for longer lines!).

Most people head to shows, shopping or indoor rides in the rain. I prefer to head to the resort to get some food and let the kids play on the inside play areas there (you can visit without being a guest too!) 

For more on rainy day adventures, and just making your vacation amazing, head over to the LEGOLAND Hacks post

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