Best Kid Tracker for Disney tested in the Park (from a Mom of Three)

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If you are a caregiver, you know, safety is always at the top of mind! You want your kids to be able to have fun and enjoy vacation, maybe go off with friends or other trusted adults, and then return to you!

With three kids, and many solo parent trips planned, I’ve decided to test several options available on the market… All of the reviews below are tested by me, inside Disney World, with my kids. This way, I know for sure what to recommend, with lots of examples, and I’ll be adding options as the time goes on to further test the best way to keep track of your kids at Disney.

How do I keep track of my kids at Disney?

There’s lots of ways to keep track of your kids at Disney. If they are old enough to have a Cell Phone you can keep track through locator apps. For younger kids, I recommend an Airtag or a Watch connected to a Phone Plan. It helps to take a picture of your kids each day so you know what they are wearing in case they get seperated from you.

Does the Disney Magic Band have a locator or tracking device on it?

No, The Disney Magic band cannot track your children for you. In rare instances where a child has been lost, Disney can pull up to see where the magic band was last tapped in at- like a ride or a purchase. This isn’t a quick solution when you need to find them fast, and you should not rely on the Disney MagicBands for tracking location of loved ones.

See more ways to use Trackers at Disney World!

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The Best Non Subscription Tracker for Kids at Disney

Overall Best Winner- Apple AirTag

When it comes to keeping track of your kids at a bustling place like Disney, Apple AirTags are undoubtedly the best non-subscription option available.

These compact and stylish little devices can be easily attached to your child’s belongings, such as backpacks or clothing, providing you with peace of mind while exploring the magical world of Disney.

With their advanced technology and seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem (like the Find My App already being on your iphones), AirTags offer a reliable and efficient solution for keeping tabs on your little ones.

How do Apple Airtags work?

Apple AirTags utilize Bluetooth connectivity and the Find My app to help you keep track of your kids at Disney. Simply attach an AirTag to your child’s belongings, and you’ll be able to track their whereabouts in almost real-time using your iPhone or iPad.

When testing the Airtag at Disney, we’ve found there to be a 5 to 10 minute lag in tracking data, unless I am actively pressing the ‘Find’ button in the Find My App. This is an improvement on other tracking items, like the Tile featured below, as there are more iPhone and Find My App users at Disney than other bluetooth enabled tracking devices.

Thanks to the built-in Precision Finding technology, you can easily pinpoint the exact location of your child’s AirTag within a close range. This can be particularly helpful in crowded areas like Disney, where finding lost items or reuniting with your child quickly becomes a top priority.

Pros to the Apple Airtag:

  • No External Charging required
  • No Subscription Required
  • Can easily use after the trip
  • Easy to Purchase
  • Easy to setup (including last minute, and even while on your trip)
  • Budget Friendly
  • Water Resistant
  • Lots of Holders and Attachments available (See the Childs Airtag Bracelet we prefer on Amazon)


  • Only available for Apple devices
  • Can lag when updating location (not always real time when distance is involved)
  • No way to communicate through the tag
  • If not near other iPhones, location might not update (not really a problem in the parks, but can be at the resorts where there are less people)
  • Cannot share Airtag with other people- in my case we had to purchase two airtags for both parents to keep track of one kid

Check prices for Airtags on Amazon

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The Runner Up – Tile

If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple AirTags, the Tile tracking device is a great option to consider when keeping track of your kids at Disney. Tile offers a range of compact and versatile trackers that can be easily attached to your child’s belongings with no subscription required.

Tile trackers work by utilizing Bluetooth technology to establish a connection with your smartphone. Once paired, you can track the location of your child’s Tile tracker through the Tile app.

The app displays the approximate location of the tracker on a map and allows you to set up geofences, triggering notifications when your child moves in or out of designated areas.

This can be particularly useful for keeping your kids within sight in crowded places like Disney. Additionally, Tile offers a community-based finding feature, allowing other Tile users in the vicinity to help locate your lost tracker, further increasing the chances of finding a misplaced device quickly.

Pros for the Tile Tracker

  • Easy to Activate
  • Affordable
  • Can share one tile with multiple people
  • Can ‘ring’ the phone by pressing the Tile button
  • Very loud location finder ringtone (much louder than the Airtag)
  • Can use with iPhone


  • Hard to find accesories
  • Not as many people use Tile, so location can be slow to update compared to the Airtag since Tile uses bluetooth to provide location. (This is the reason I ranked it 2nd- it was almost useless once out of range of my phone and the Airtag was much more effective!)
  • Drains battery faster than Airtags based on my testing

More Tips for Tracking Devices at Disney World

How to attach the Airtag to a Toddler?

There’s lots of ways to attach an Airtag to a Toddler. For younger toddlers, a clip in Airtag cover to their waistband, or bracelet around their ankle are most effective. Older toddlers may like Airtag Bracelets, especially with fun characters. My Older Toddler knows his Mickey Bracelet helps mom keep track of him, and he knows not to take it off.

How to attach the Airtag to an Older Child?

Older children will appreciate Airtags, since it helps them keep their bags and other items safe, and allows them some freedom to move around knowing that their Parent or Caregiver can keep track of them! You can attach an Airtag to an older child with a neck lanyard, clip in airtag cover to their clothing, an airtag bracelet, or a keychain.

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