Disney Owned Quick Serve is the Best Food Allergy Option in Disney Springs

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There are so many amazing places to eat in Disney Springs, and you can try many of them even though you have food allergies.

But for a classic no fuss meal, that is safe and easy to order?

That’s one centrally located quick serve that I always recommend to those visiting Disney Springs!

Come on over to the only Disney Owned quick serve in Disney springs for a delicious allergy friendly meal, D-Luxe Burger!

Because they have Disney allergen procedures, it’s easy to grab an allergen menu, and order/modify something to eat.

What’s also super fun about D-Luxe burger is that they offer 1-1 allergen versus non allergen options. So it’s almost like everyone gets the same meal, because the allergen substitutes are so equal.

Allergy friendly options for D-Luxe Burger 

Let’s talk about the eats! (and as always confirm food allergens with a Chef or Manager in real time on vacation)

You’ll find both burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches here, plus a plant based patty. 

D-Luxe Burger has the Bloomfield farms top 8 allergen friendly bun, and that pairs with several combinations of protein options! Or you can opt for a lettuce wrap or no bun (and we’ve done no bun for the kids a number of times, it’s a great tasting option that doesn’t need ‘dressing up’)

The fresh cut fries are made in a dedicated gluten free fryer, and they are delicious! Plus they are dairy free, and they use a canola oil which is safe for most people with soy allergies.

And this is a peanut/treenut/fish/shellfish free restaurant too! Like completely free. They don’t even have those allergens there!

Need more places to eat? The Disney Food Allergy touring plan has you covered!

Let’s talk about what we ordered

We’ve grabbed everything on the menu, as it’s one of our preferred places to eat at Disney Springs.

For starters, there’s the burger on the allergen bun, and the fries made in a dedicated fryer. Grilled Chicken is also another great option and something we’ve gotten for the kids!

And my Celiac Husband has had the gluten free shake… He enjoyed it, but it’s not his favorite on property (that would be at the All Star Resorts!)

For other delicious lunch options, check out Chicken Guy, or Raglan Road. 

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