Beaches and Cream New Allergen Menu (2021 Update review with photos)

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Beaches and Cream, a crowd favorite for those staying at the Deluxe Beach Club resort and a favorite Epcot lunch spot, just underwent a remodel in 2020!

And boy is it cute inside! Mickey would certainly approve.

Before the remodel, it was a little too small, and the to go window was kind of squished in the inside of the restaurant. After the remodel, it’s much more spacious and I had zero problem get a reservation (3 times because I kept having to reschedule.)

So, the other day, after having a wonderful character breakfast at Topolinos, I hopped on the skyliner and went to Beaches and Cream with the youngest in tow.

The other times that we went, we enjoyed a Kitchen Sink, and we also had just regular ice cream. Neither of those times was favorable, and we had quite the problem talking about allergies and making sure everyone was clear about what was needed.

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beaches and cream
gluten and soy free

So we never went back- but with the remodel, I was hoping that things would be different.

UPDATE- I went back 5 days later SO 4th times a charm. I’ll add that to the end!

What did we eat at Beaches and Cream? 🍦

I had high hopes after seeing the menu online, but I hadn’t seen any allergies menus so we just hoped for the best.

beaches and cream
Pretty cute decor at Beaches and Cream!

Once there, I waited about 10 mins for my seat (I was 10 minutes early) and was greeted by a very pleasant waiter. I immediately asked to speak with the chef and she agreed.

beaches and cream

After 10 minutes, no chef, so I told her I would do the chili with the plant based cheese. She said she would ask her ‘coordinator’

Another 20 minutes and I asked to speak with a chef, she said her coordinator would be coming out with safe food soon.

Another 10 minutes (so 40 minutes in) I saw her bringing out my food- with dairy cheese.

So after another 10 minutes, I finally received a bowl of chili with safe cheese. No sour cream. I asked for sour cream (since I knew they had the plant based kind) and she said she would ask her coordinator.

beaches and cream allergy-friendly
dairy, soy, gluten, egg free

Another woman (the coordinator) brought out sour cream without saying a word, and walked away.

beaches and cream allergy-friendly
Dairy free sour cream

SO- after an hour, the waiter came by and let me know that she ‘finally talked to a chef to see what I could have and he said so delicious ice cream with enjoy life cookies for dessert’.

I declined. Three times with bad service seems like a sign to me.

Fingers are crossed that should you want to check out the very cute restaurant that you find a more understanding cast members that can accommodate your allergies!

Update! πŸ™Œ

I went back a fourth time and finally had a great meal with an understanding server AND I spoke with a chef! Hallelujah.

Got the Burger with Watermelon and an adorable mickey ice cream!

beaches and cream
Burger with watermelon!

The Beaches and Cream Allergen Menus! 😊

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beaches and cream

Kids Entrees

Grilled Chicken Sandwich -For Gluten, Peanut/Treenut, Shellfish/fish,milk, soy allergies

Turkey Sandwich-For Gluten, Peanut/Treenut, Shellfish/fish, soy allergies

Mac and Cheese -For Peanut/Treenut, Shellfish/fish, soy allergies

Hot Dog -For Gluten, Peanut/Treenut, Shellfish/fish allergies

Cheeseburger -For Gluten, Peanut/Treenut, Shellfish/fish, soy allergies

beaches and cream menu


So Delicious Ice Cream- for soy, gluten, egg, dairy, fish/shellfish allergies

Enjoy Life cookies

Brownies Al la Mode- Gluten Allergies

Old Fashioned Sundae- Gluten and Milk allergies

beaches and cream menu

To Go Window at Beaches and Cream!

beaches and cream to go
The to-go window at Beaches and Cream!

The togo window got a facelift too! So I asked what was available before I ate when I was waiting in line. They weren’t very prepared for allergies, but they did get a coordinator who told me that they serve so delicious ice cream and tofutti ice cream.

They had vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors.

It was rather hard to hear them because of all the noise from inside, and the coordinator informed me that ice cream was all I would order from the togo window. here’s the menu they have posted.

Have you been to Beaches and Cream since their facelift? What do you think? What was your allergy-friendly ordering experience? Share it in the comments!

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