Beach Club Marketplace Food Allergy Options (Menu and Review) at Beach Club Resort

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Not long ago we stayed at the Beach Club resort (actually, it was for the Food and Wine Festival, so it’s been a minute!) and we got to check out the allergy friendly offerings for the breakfast quick serve.

This is not set up like your typical larger quick serve, and is veryyyyy laid back- but they were super helpful with finding options for me and had lots of prepackaged food.

We spent a good minute going through the binder and looking at what food choices would be safe, talked about cross contamination (pizza is a no go here because of that) and what would be food allergy safe!

Where’s it located

I included this, because unlike most other quick-service options, this one is not as labeled or easy to find, BUT it’s in plain sight.

It’s directly connected to the gift shop, and when you walk into the lobby of Beach Club from the parking lot, it’s directly to the left, whereas Cape May Cafe, is located to the Right.

If you’re looking for Beaches and Cream (which has a dessert to go window with safe treats) you’ll want to follow the walkway on the right, past Cape May, and follow it outside for Beaches and Cream to be on your right.

What if I can’t find something?

This is a very real thing for quick service options because they are pretty limited! If you are unable to find something for breakfast, I would recommend getting some of the prepackaged items in the gift shop. They had some enjoy life products, prepackaged fruit and cereals. You can also do character breakfast nearby, like Cape May Cafe, Trattoria Al Forno and Garden Grill.

The options at the parks can be pretty slim- Be Our Guest is best for breakfast at Magic Kingdom, Woody’s Lunch Box at Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom and Epcot are super slim for breakfast options depending on your restrictions.

For lunch time, I highly recommend Hurricane Hanna’s, which is located outside and by the pool. I’ve eaten there several times (don’t @ me that I’ve forgotten to take a picture of the allergen options #sorry!!!)

Food Allergy Options

So this is what I ate- Udi’s Bagel with Allergy Potatoes and Fruit!

They have other Udi’s products there like the pizza (but no dedicated pizza stone or way to cook it without significant cross contamination)

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