Beach Break Cafe: Food Allergy Review (Universal Orlando Resort)

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Universal Orlando has been adding lots of resort options in the last few years, and with each new addition comes new eats! Surfside Inn and Suites is a newer location and we tried it out with the family last week.

While we loved the rooms, the grounds, and the pool–we were very thankful for the most important thing. Safe food!

Beach Break Cafe was a good option for most of our food allergy needs, and we ate there twice on our stay. Check out what we grabbed, what the chef recommended, and some overall recommendations for your trip here!

beach break cafe

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Where’s it located? Do you need a reservation?

Beach Break Cafe is located inside Surfside Inn and Suite resort. It’s inside the main lobby, right past the Starbucks. It is a little tucked inside, so keep that in mind if you don’t see it at first glance, just walk little farther and you can’t miss it!

beach break cafe

Allergy Friendly Procedures and Food Options at Beach Break Cafe

I was very happy to find that they were allergy aware here AND they had some specialty equipment to handle restrictions. Always makes my heart so happy!
So let’s talk about the procedures there. First things first, you’ll speak with a chef. Easy enough!

As far as equipment, they do have a dedicated gluten free fryer, but it is not soy free. They also have an entire area in the back dedicated to food allergies and restricted diets! WOO!

Here’s some options the chef mentioned for breakfast:

  • Hilltop farm pastries (gluten free)
  • Eggs have dairy so have to be separately prepared.
  • Muffins are good- the only top allergen is egg.
  • Top 8 options- fruit. Sausage. Bacon.

Here’s some options the chef mentioned for lunch/dinner:

  • Chicken Tenders
  • Amy’s pizza
  • Chicken
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Veggies in the steamer
  • Fries (have soybean oil)
  • Gluten free breads- All other allergens

What I ate for breakfast that was gluten, soy and dairy free

Breakfast was slim pickings friends! We grabbed a few items here and had a great meal over at Today Cafe.

We grabbed quite a few fruit items, and then some Allergy Friendly Muffins. They had banana and chocolate so naturally we grabbed both and they were a huge hit! I forgot to take a picture but I recommend them!

What I ate for lunch that was gluten, soy and dairy free

Lunch (and by default their dinner options) are easier for food allergies as they have more options available.

I grabbed a half chicken slab with fingerling potatoes and some veggies. There was a lot of food here for the portion and price, so I split it with the two younger kiddos and still had some left over!

beach break cafe

This would be a great lunch after traveling to get the resort and a perfect “I’m too tired to move after being at the parks all day” dinner!

What the Chef recommended for top 8 options for Lunch and Dinner

All of my kiddos have been very limited at one point or another, and one is still top 14 plus, so I always ask what the chef would recommend for them and share it here with you. (And I like to read my notes when I’m in the parks with them after the fact! I hate going somewhere only to be served fruit and rice.)

The chef recommended a few things–BUT please note everything needs to be modified so always speak with a chef to ask about options and where it’s prepared.

Top 8 options include items like Tenders prepared in the oven, Chicken by itself, beef Patties (vegan option was impossible burger) Potatoes, fruit and Veggies.

Some thoughts… and will I be back?

Overall, Beach Break Cafe was pretty standard for food allergy friendly quick serve options–and I really appreciated the dedicated space for dietary restrictions!

beach break cafe

I’m also very happy that they are moving beyond ‘just gluten free’ options, as there’s so much more to food allergies and special diets! The convenience of the location means I’ll likely be back–but I also know that there are many other places that have more options if I’m near them (and a few that have significantly less!)

I’d highly recommended bringing a few snacks with you and grabbing some al a carte options from Beach Break Cafe to make a complete and filling food allergy friendly meal!

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