Be Our Guest Food Allergy Friendly Dinner (Photos, Menu, Review)

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See the 2022 review on Instagram here.

There are some really fun places to dine at Disney World where you can meet characters and pretend for a meal that you are somewhere in an enchanted movie.

My daughter and I had a chance to do just that when we dined at Be Our Guest for the character meal at dinner time.

Located in the Magic Kingdom, and tucked back in the ‘new’ area of fantasy land, you will find a second castle.

Second Castle?! Yes! The Beast’s castle- and below the castle, you will find the restaurant and the meeting area for the Beast. (you can meet Gaston over by Gaston’s Tavern and then you can see Belle *not meet her* at her show)

Let’s take a look at what the food, the menu, the ambiance and what my toddler thought about meeting the Beast himself!

Our Review and what we ate 🍽️

We’ve eaten at Be Our Guest for both breakfast and lunch multiple times- so we had seen what it looks like inside. Besides a few small changes, it was the same setup and ambiance that you can experience at breakfast and lunch. I’ll touch on my thoughts on that.

Since I paid over 60 dollars for a meal for me and over 30 for my 2 year old (INFANTS ARE NOT FREE!!!) I was a little let down by how ‘normal’ this meal was. I would have been very upset if I had been on the dining plan and used two credits for this meal.

Not only do I think that the dining plan is a rip off for those of us with dietary restrictions, but there was nothing terribly special about this meal.

I can see everything at breakfast and lunch. And while the Beast is there, he doesn’t come around to the table. There are no other characters. (For comparison, I could go to Chef Mickey’s and meet the fab 5 for less than BOG and only use one table credit.)

We also went because we were there for Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. They are doing a better job about accommodating and making it comparable to those without food allergies.

But we did have a nice time meeting the Beast. He doesn’t do signatures, and we only got to meet him once. (The other character meals you can expect several times- like we normally meet them 3-4 times at Garden Grill.)

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Meeting Beast at Be Our Guest
One of my allergy babies and I went there together!

SO… I was a bit let down because I don’t think many people mention how underwhelming this meal actually is. I’ve had more memorable experiences at Ohana and Trattoria Al Forno than what we experienced at Be Our Guest.

The food is presented in a 3-course meal. So we had allergy-friendly bread (that you’ll find throughout the parks) and the soy-free dairy-free earth balance butter.

be our guest food allergy
Allergy-Friendly bread rolls with Earth Balance butter

For the appetizer, I had french onion soup with no toppings, and my daughter had applesauce (That wasn’t very good)

be our guest food allergy
Yes, this is how it was served at a signature meal

For my meal (dairy free, egg free, soy free, gluten free) there weren’t many options and the chef wasn’t very accommodating.

I had a filet mignon, green beans and fingerling potatoes- it was all VERY good.

be our guest food allergy
Filet mignon, green beans and fingerling potatoes at Be Our Guest

My daughter had a piece of beef and frozen sweet potatoes. We ended up sending it back because the beef was so salted and the sweet potatoes weren’t very good. It was very strange for a ‘signature meal’.

be our guest food allergy
My daughter’s beef and potatoes – not very good

Ordering Food and The Allergy Menus

Overall, it was a weirder experience than some of the ones we’ve had in the past and we were extremely underwhelmed.

I was surprised when the food was delivered that it wasn’t by the chef. Thankfully it had the allergy sticks and I reconfirmed it with the people that delivered the food.

The chef wasn’t very accommodating. I wonder if she could have been newer, only because she had little to say. So I prompted her with what I thought could work. (It’s why I always ask for a regular menu as well.)

My meal was very yummy, and we did have an issue with my daughters that they fixed promptly.

We declined dessert since they only had sorbet. I’ll reiterate this again- I would NOT recommend this if you are on the dining plan. I would have been very upset with the meal, had I used two credits on something that wasn’t worth it.

be our guest food allergy

be our guest food allergy

be our guest food allergy


Overall it was a cute meal. But Be Our Guest dinner was not memorable and likely not something that I will be doing again.

It’s nice to say that I’ve been there and done that, but there are so many other wonderful meals to try and places to explore at Disney. Spending 60 dollars for a ‘signature’ meal that took 1.5 hours is not at the top of my list.

Have you been to the Be Our Guest meal? What was your experience? Share it in the comments below!

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