Backlot Express: Food Allergy Menu and Review

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Hollywood Studios has gone through a lot of changes, and one of those things that didn’t survive was the ‘backlot tours’ where they took you behind the scenes.

>>>>>>>>>See the new Update for Backlot’s updated menu here

There is, however, a quick service restaurant located here called Backlot Express, and it is dedicated to some behind the scenes props and equipment used on movie sets!

While it’s not quite the same thing, it’s very similar to the theming at Animal Kingdom’s Restaurantosaurus and you’ll find that you might just learn a thing or two on a quick stop for lunch or dinner!

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Does Backlot Express have a food allergy menu?

Yes! They join the other quick serve options at Disney World with allergen menu options! Definitely makes things a little easier. I’ll post it below.

What about a dedicated fryer?

They do have a dedicated gluten free fryer. It is canola oil and there are other allergens (like products that contain soy oil like the french fries do!)

backlot express food allergy menu

Let’s talk about the menu: what do they have for allergy options?

This quick serve, located over by Indiana Jones and on the same side as Galaxy’s Edge, has the typical quick service fare of burgers and chicken strips. They have southwest salads, a Chicken Sandwich, and an assortment of speciality drinks and desserts. For the allergy families, we’ve got enjoy life cookies and the chance to talk to a manager about customizing your options.

backlot express food allergy menu

Allergy Friendly Food for Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Treenut, Peanut, Fish and Shellfish (and Soy Protein)

I’ve eaten here before many times, especially a few years back when this was one of the only places to have an allergen menu. We love the location and the generally quick options.

backlot express food allergy menu

This time we got the Chicken Strips and Fries. The fries have soy OIL, so not a totally free soy option.

But the Manager was great, and patient with me (and I was patient with him) as he pulled up all of the ingredients on the iPad. It froze (which happens pretty often) so we had to wait to confirm everything (like the brand of chicken nuggets because there’s a few offered in the parks) and talk about what modifications we could make for dessert.

Dessert ended up being enjoy life cookies–you’ll find these many places around the parks, but don’t assume you’ll find them everywhere. I have an Enjoy Life Locator that I keep updated with the latest shops that carry the products in each park!

Backlot Express Food Allergy Menu: Lunch and Dinner

backlot express food allergy menu
backlot express food allergy menu
backlot express food allergy menu

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