Baby wearing at Disney; benefits and disadvantages

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Taking young kids to Disney World isn’t crazy. In fact I’ve done it for the last several years. From hot summers to busy holiday festivities, having young children hasn’t stopped our family from enjoying Disney World. Thanks to baby wearing our kids in a carrier, we can experience almost everything Disney World has to offer.

Although, it wasn’t always super easy.

So this post will also be covering the disadvantages of using a baby carrier at Disney World too. Especially for all those parents that like to plan, so they can hopefully avoid the unpleasant sides of baby wearing!

Plus, we will cover some basic information for the parents and caregivers who aren’t up to date on all the baby wearing lingo. I was previously a volunteer for Babywearing International (BWI) before they went belly up. We had a lending library stocked with carriers for people to try on. It is EASY once you get the hang of it, I promise!

If you want more information about Taking your Baby to Disney World you can check out my Series for a complete guide to planning your trip!


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Can you baby wear at Disney World?

Let’s cover the basic.

Can you Babywear on Disney Property? Yes!

Can you babywear on the trams and transportation? YES (front wear only)

Can you babywear on the rides at Disney? YES and yes! Mostly. This is covered in detail below.

Let’s cover just a little more info about Baby Carriers.

There are several different kinds. If you aren’t familiar with carriers and are buying one offline or going to Target you will likely grab a soft structured carrier or a sling carrier.

Either way, you want to read the instructions and watch a few youtube videos because:

Properly placed baby carriers will NOT HURT YOU OR BABY.

Your back shouldn’t ache, Baby shouldn’t have hurt legs or neck (please support their neck!)

You want them comfortably positioned according to the instructions and that means they will be “close enough to kiss”.

It may also take a few ‘fittings’ before you get the most comfortable position, so try on your baby carrier at home first before you get to the parks. This way you know how to put it on (you won’t be embarrassed!) and you also know you won’t be in pain or accidentally drop your kid. I’m not kidding. Treat these like car seats and read the instructions so you keep everyone safe!

What type of baby carrier works best at Disney World?

If you are a baby wearing pro, you’ve likely got lots of options for carriers. For the average person though, you will see one obvious winner when it comes to Disney.

The Soft Structured Carrier.

Here’s a picture of me in a Soft Structured Carrier or SSC.

This is a MESH carrier, perfect for Florida 9 months out of the year. Find these on Amazon!

Not only is baby properly positioned, but this comfortable carrier is great for wearing baby for hours. My kiddo had decided to take a nap at the parks and I was more than happy to let baby sleep while I got to have my hands free!

You will see just about everyone wearing a SSC at Disney.

I personally, have worn several other types, like a woven wrap, a ring sling (great for newborns!) and a mei tai/meh dai carrier. These can work at Disney, just consider the times you are going. A woven wrap in Florida Summers is brutal!

Babywearing on the rides

This is one of the most common questions I get from parents and strangers alike.

Can you Babywear on the rides?

Yes! Not only can you babywear on the rides, but I recommend it. It gives you the ability to have your hands free for your other children or to brace yourself. Instead of placing the baby in your lap where you dont have as much security, a carrier allows baby to be on your chest and secure.

When you ride the rides, you will have baby on your front, facing chest to chest.

Which is good, because some of the rides are a little iffy when it comes to babies. For instance, in Epcot you can ride the Frozen ever after ride. It’s for all ages, but it does have a somewhat steep drop.

Not a super sharp drop or anything dangerous for a child, but something that is steep enough that I wonder about a baby and their head and neck support. Thankfully, every time I’ve ridden this with my kids, the youngest is in a carrier and they are properly secured to my chest so that their head can’t flop around.

The other thing about rides is that some of them have a step up or down, or the ride itself may go up or down. When baby is in the carrier, and the caregiver has their hands free, it makes the likelihood of an accident less. If you can hang on with both hands, you are less likely to trip or scare your baby. For a full list of baby friendly rides, check out this post about how to ride rides while baby wearing at Disney World.

Babywearing on the rides! Finding Nemo.

Baby carrier vs. stroller

The Ultimate Showdown. Right? Not Really.

It’s kind of hard to compare a baby carrier vs. a stroller because they are both important for different things.

For instance, my stroller is also my bag carrier, stores my collapsible cooler I always bring to Disney and gives the older kids a place to sit or ride.

On the other hand, the baby carrier (I have a toddler and a baby sized one) is useful for whatever kid needs to be held, or needs to take a nap. It’s a must have for restaurants because you can’t bring in the stroller, and it makes transportation a breeze. Plus, taking it on rides is worth bringing the baby carrier even if that’s the only time its used.

When we actually plan to be at Disney for the entire day, we bring both the stroller and the baby carrier. I recommend bringing both to any parents I talk to, because the worst that happens is you don’t use it. Better to bring it and not need it, then need it and be a mile into the park with no turning back!

He has no idea I took this picture!

Benefits of Baby wearing at Disney

Keeps baby calm when they want to be held

My kids all like to be held, especially at Disney World when they want a nap and there is way too much stimulation.

I can’t tell you how many times the baby carrier has prevented a meltdown (from both the kids and myself- I’m gonna start crying if they kids won’t stop crying!)

Bathroom Selfie at the grand floridian! We ate at the cafe there.

Hands Free for the Caregiver

It’s a no brainer. Life is so much easier when baby is calm, and you have your hands free!

Makes transportation and Rides Easier

With Baby properly secured to your body in a carrier, it makes it easy to step on and off transportation and the rides. Even if you bring a stroller, it’s still easier to have them in the carrier during these times so you can fold up the stroller easily.

There are more benefits to baby wearing listed in 5 reasons to Babywear at Disney World.


You might leave it somewhere.

Since carriers are pretty small and portable they might get draped on a chair or fall out of a stroller.

Can be hot

I definitely recommend a mesh type carrier (air flow, air mesh, cooling mesh) if you are going to Florida for any of the 9 months of summer. <<< yes, I said 9 months of summer, because that’s what we have, then a few months of cold.

It’s more laundry

Sure, you can spot clean your carrier. But if you spill your drink, or your kid has a major diaper blowout, it’s going to need some laundering (thankfully, they are easy-ish to wash!)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Babywearing comes with lots of advantages, a few disadvantages, and a slight learning curve. But overall, it’s a winner when it comes to your Disney Vacation!

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