Baby’s First Trip to Disney World ( 8 tips for success)

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So you’re asking yourself “HOW”-  how do I bring this cute, squishy, needy baby to Disney World? How do I make Baby’s first trip to Disney World Magical?

Well the answer is not always that simple (that’s why you are here!). I’m sure that you have a lot of questions. Babies are a lot of fun, but they do tend to bring some obstacles when it comes to their care.

You want to see them at Disney World with your favorite (or maybe their favorite) characters, you want the other people in your party to have a good time, and you want to not need a vacation from your vacation.

I get it. Seriously.

I’ve brought three infants then babies to Disney and I WISH I had known half of this information back then.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve started talking to another mom in the bathroom line or at one of the play areas and realized that they wished they had a complete guide to bringing baby too. 

So I’ve created the “Bringing Baby to Disney” series to help out other parents on their journey. This is post number 1- How to bring a baby to Disney. 

I’m going to start with Disney itself and not the journey there- that information tends to vary greatly based on how you travel, how long you travel for, and how old baby is. What I can tell you, is that regardless of if its a 2 hour trip or a 10 hour trip, you will be exhausted.

What I can also tell you is that, the more you PRE-plan, the better your trip will be.

So check out this helpful list of the basics for Disney and Baby, and look over the other posts in the series “Bringing Baby to Disney” so you can get all the info you need for a fun and magical trip. 

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Pro Tip 1- Give yourself lots of time on arrival and departure day.

 This will allow for all those mishaps that will happen, like oversleeping and forgetting something important.

Sometimes those things happen and if you have plenty of time in the schedule it wont turn into a major disaster. You will also want to rest when you get to Disney, because doing the parks can be tiring too.

Give yourself and baby a break with lots of rest on arrival and departure day. 

It can be nice to have reservations on arrival and departure day- I totally understand wanting to get the most out of your vacation.

I would recommend against this, take the time to explore the resort or just order take out. If you DO make reservations (who can resist!) make sure to give yourself plenty of time.

If you find that you are running late, change your time in the app or call the restaurant for a later time.

Pro Tip 2- Think about the Weather

It’s Florida. I’ve lived here my entire life and I am so used to seeing storm clouds roll in and drop rain in under 20 minutes that I can’t even be upset about it. 

In fact, I expect it to rain. 

So just have a plan in place for the rainy times, like ponchos (I like this multi pack from amazon because it’s a third of the cost for what you’d pay at the park!). Pack extra ponchos for throwing over your stroller, or get a dedicated  Stroller Rain Cover

Don’t let the rain ruin your vacation though! I’ve got 8 amazing tips from a fellow Disney blogger that you need to know for when Florida rains on your parade. (Yes, they have a Disney Rainy Day parade!).

Pro Tip 3-Bring Lots of Snacks

Wether you use the Disney Dining Plan or you pay for your own meals- bring snacks. Bring Snacks for everyoneeeeee.

Yes, Disney World has an amazing amount of unique treats and amazing dining experiences, but when you are waiting in line for a ride (or for food) and hunger strikes- It’s not pretty! 

We love to order from Amazon and have it shipped to the hotel. It is SO easy! That way we have lots of our favorite snacks and I don’t have to worry about the dreaded “I’m Hungry” right before bed.

Pro Tip 4 – Pack Extra and Budget Extra 

Do you know how much a plain, generic looking onesie costs at the Disney Parks? 20 dollars friends. It costs 20 dollars for a plain, onesie that you will desperately need if you forget to pack extra outfits for your baby.

And yes, the resorts and the parks have diapers and food- at Disney Prices.

Unless you want to spend time doing laundry at the resort, I suggest you get crafty with your packing space and roll a few more outfits and toys into your luggage!

30 dollars for (a cute!) onesie and shorts. If you want it- get it- but not because you forgot to pack it!

Save yourself the headache and pack extra plus budget extra.

You might want to take an emergency Minnie Van to the Resort because you are getting too hot or you might need a towel because its raining. (and yes, minnie vans have car seats!)

You don’t want to stress, so budget extra! If you want to know what all you need to pack for baby, check out this helpful post! 

Pro Tip 5- Use the Baby Care Centers

Did you know that each park has a dedicated area for baby care! Yes, they do and its awesome. 

You know what else is crazy? I have personally talked to parents that didn’t know this existed and had been struggling their entire trip. 

Don’t struggle! The baby care center has a breastfeeding room, a changing room with multiple tables, a dining area and a relax area with TV (and Disney cartoons!).

Make the most of your trip and visit the Baby Care Centers when you or baby needs a break!

Pro Tip 6- Rent your stroller or buy one when you get there 

You have lots of options for strollers. You can rent one at the park (I dont recommend this for babies!) or you can rent from one of the many rental services that will delivery to your resort or hotel. This is super helpful because it’s one less thing you need to worry about packing! 

Do bring your baby carrier though!

This is helpful for when you stand in line for 30 minutes or when you have a fussy baby that just wont sleep! I also use it when we are using Disney Transportation, as you need to fold up your stroller. 

My favorites for Central Florida are the Lillebaby Airflow (they have DISNEY themed carriers!!) and for babies under 3 months I LOVE my Ergo360.

More articles about Baby Wearing and Disney World: 5 Reasons you need to bring a baby carrier on your Disney Vacation and All the Pros and Cons to Babywearing at Disney World

MEDICAL pro tip bonus-

Do you have a baby/kiddo with special needs or accommodations? They can mark the stroller as a wheelchair so you can use it in lines or bring it into the restaurant. Visit Guest Services to get the full scoop. 

Pro Tip 7- Use the Fast Pass with the Rider Switch 

Please- do this.

If I had to pick one thing to tell parents, it would be that Disney wants you to have a good time, and they have created the Rider Switch to help you out with that!

Simply talk to the cast member to see if its available, wait while one parent goes on the ride (with the fast pass! this is also called the Ninja Switch) then that parent can switch with the other parent who was waiting with the kids. 

If you want to know what rides Baby can go on (of course you do!) This post details the Best Rides for Baby at Disney!

Pro Tip 8- Don’t wait till last minute to plan things out

Could you wing it? Totally. But you know what would be even better? Planning your trip!

Transportation needs, park trips, fast passes and dining reservations around nap time and the hottest times of the day when you will want to be somewhere cool.

You can find lots of good planning info in the Disney World For Beginners Section

Wrapping up this section

These are just the basics to get you started on planning your trip to Disney World with your baby. It doesn’t have to be stressful- in fact it can be a lot of fun! Simply plan ahead and make the most of your magical adventure. 

Thoughts? Questions? Drop a comment below! I love to help out my readers with their Disney trip! 

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