Baby Care Centers at Disney World FAQ

Are you a new parent Bringing Baby to Disney World for their First Trip? Or maybe a Toddler?

I’m sure you have many questions like:

Where can I go to feed my baby?

Do they sell diapers, wipes or other baby things at the parks?

What if I have a poosplosion and need to get everyone cleaned up?

Because those are really good questions, especially if you haven’t been to Disney in a long time!

Thankfully, Disney thought of a solution, so let’s check out what they have planned for new parents.

Baby Care Center- the answer to all your needs

Disney is truly a family vacation destination. Yeah, there’s tons for the adults, teens and bigger kids BUT they didn’t forget about the babies.

In fact, Babies have there own special place with their own accommodations- away from the hustle and bustle of the parks. A place they can truly call their own (and TODDLERS TOO!)

The Baby Care Center!

Disney World Baby Care Center FAQ- Everything you need to know about the Baby Care Center's at Disney World Parks. Part of the bringing baby to Disney World Series!
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What Exactly is in the Baby Care Center?

The Baby Care Center is not just some imaginary area for new parents- BUT it’s also not a luxury area either.

Each of the four parks has their own version of the Baby Care Center that you can easily find by looking at the map, the signs or asking one of the cast members.

And it’s FREE- you just need a park ticket to access the center as it’s on the inside!

Let’s take a look at what you will find in most of the Baby Care Centers.

Nursing Rooms

Each of the four Baby Care Centers has a private area to nurse or pump.

Each of these areas is sectioned off in the Baby Care Center. Hollywood and Animal Kingdom have their own private rooms, whereas Epcot and Magic Kingdom have much larger rooms with at least 5 seats each. All of the rooms have plugs for pumping (although I recommend also bringing a manual just in case! I love my Medela!!! )

Just remember that they don’t have fridges available! And At Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios it’s very common for the rooms to get backed up. So please take that into consideration when you are planning out your day and where you want to stop.

Changing Area

Each of the parks has several diaper changing tables for taking care of diapers. They are decent sized (you could easily change a 4/5 year old) and sanitary with disposable liners. Sinks are available in the room for hand washing.

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Play/Relaxation Area

All of the Baby Care Centers have a seating area. Some are smaller (like Hollywood Studios) and some are gigantic (like animal kingdom!). They all have TV’s. Traditionally they played movies, but in the last 6 months we’ve been catching more Disney Junior being played.

They do not have toys- but that’s ok! You can bust out the toys you have in the stroller or hope that they are entertained by the TV. Ask the attendant if they have any books- they normally do!

Feeding Area

Babies and Toddlers need to eat (and so do the parents!) Find some high chairs and feeding areas located at the centers- just not at Hollywood Studios because it is quite small.


Curious about where to warm up food? Need some water?

The Baby Care Center has you covered with their own little kitchen! No Fridges are available, but they do have a microwave, kitchen sink and water with a filter.

*Hollywood Studios does not have hot/cold water


We’ve all been there. You forgot to pack something (or didn’t realize that you would need it!) Yes, you even packed extra- but sometimes things can’t be helped!

Que the Baby Care Center and their wonderful assortment of goods- almost like a little Baby Store. They have multiple items to choose from, from clothing and diapers to medicine and sunscreen! You do need to pay for these items. *not available at Hollywood Studios

Don’t forget that you can have items delivered by Amazon( MANY times same day delivery! )! So if it’s easier to wait- then do that. Otherwise, get your goodies at the Baby Care Center or ask the attendant what store would have the item you need around the parks!

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Family Bathrooms

Unisex bathrooms to the rescue! These are particularly great for a potty shy toddler. I know you can’t always get to the bathroom -especially with long lines, but just know that they are there for use!

Helpful Attendants

Smiling, happy and helpful attendants are my favorite part of the baby care center. They are there to help make your vacation smooth! They can offer tips, help distract an upset toddler with some stickers or maybe just keep things clean for you to use. We LOVE the attendants- Disney Seriously picks the best ones for the baby care centers!

*Hollywood Studios is unstaffed- they are located inside guest services so you would ask for help there.

Everything you need to know about the Baby Care Centers at Disney World for your pregnancy, infant or toddler! #disneyworldbaby #disneyworldkids
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Where are they located?

Each of the four parks has them towards the front of the park.

Magic Kingdom – Is at the end of Main Street (so before the castle) on the left hand side by the First Aid.

Animal Kingdom- Is on Discovery Island (so go to the tree of life and make a left) and then directly past Starbucks on the left.

Epcot- Is right before the world showcase. Technically you could say it’s in the world showcase, but it’s tucked to the side- on the left by the first aid.

Hollywood Studios- this is located directly inside the park right past the tickets INSIDE the guest services building. You do NOT need to wait in line (yes, I waited in line once!!) It’s entirely separate from guest services, inside the building and to the left. They generally keep the door shut (especially since it is so small!)

You can check out this Disney link here to find maps for each of the centers in the parks! JUST A NOTE- The Disney Page says that “all four parks have all these amenities” is incorrect. As covered above, Hollywood Studios is severely lacking in their Baby Care Center.

Wrap Up

Hopefully that answers all your questions and thoughts about the Baby Care Centers at Disney! Again, I want to emphasize that Hollywood Studios does not have the best baby care center- so please plan ahead!

Learn the basics for Bringing Baby to Disney World with our Mini Series!

Any comments or questions? Share them below or give me a shout on social media. I love helping new parents with their Disney World Adventures!

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