Baby and Toddler Packing List for LEGOLAND

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LEGOLAND is such a fun place for Babies and Toddlers, because even though it’s considered a 2-12 year old park, they still have a lot of activities that the littlest ones can enjoy!

If you are headed to LEGOLAND with your baby or toddler (or like me, with both!) know that the do have a Baby Care section and several rides with no height limit, plus lots of fun shows and playgrounds and building experiences to enjoy!

Here’s what I’d recommend for packing, plus always remember that you know your baby/toddler best so consider what you might need for your fun and awesome trip to LEGOLAND.

The official list of generic things to bring for Babies and Toddlers at LEGOLAND:

  • Stroller/baby carrier/car seat ***(special note about these below!)
  • Clothing for all types of weather- 2 outfits per day
  • Sleep accessories like Noise maker or Baby cot
  • Feeding accessories like bottles, breast pump, food pouches, bibs, foldable high chair
  • Baby Diaper Bag, Storage Bag, Travel Bag
  • Toys and Entertainment
  • Medications/Creams/items for teething
  • Sun gear like SPF shirts, hats, light blankets, swimsuits
  • Shoes/Socks/Crib Shoes
  • Diapers/Wipes/Creams

Headed to LEGOLAND Florida? Here’s the LEGOLAND Ultimate Planning Guide so you know what to expect!

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Gear I pack (and what you should consider)

Stroller. These are wildly valuable as a place to keep baby, but also store stuff, and provide a safe place for babies to nap, stay cool and keep out of the sun.LEGOLAND has strollers for rent but they aren’t that great. We use a stroller fan even in the winter just to make sure there’s air flow if the stroller cover is put up.

Baby Carrier. If you know how to use it before you come, bring whatever you use at home! If you get a carrier just for vacation, here’s a list of one’s I’d recommend… The Lillebaby Airflow (plus, please use it before traveling!)

Portable Bottle Warmer (if necessary).

Nursing cover. You can absolutely breastfeed in public. I use a nursing cover because it helps baby be less distracted.

Portable Baby Gate. We grabbed this for a vacation to a family member’s house and found it so useful on our LEGOLAND trip. We place it in the doorway to the bathroom so I can watch baby without shutting the door (and those doors are heavy, so I’m always worried about baby catching fingers in the door!) This is also so helpful if you have other kids to manage. See a review of the rooms here.

Packing Hacks you’ll need for a Baby and Toddler Friendly LEGOLAND Vacation

Pack Cream, Soap and Wipes that you use at home. Or ones that you have tested for a few weeks. Little One’s have sensitive skin and trying new items away from home is not a good idea.

A Noise Maker (either an app on your phone or an independant one)

Pack your own laundry detergent (or grab it locally) so you can wash clothes before you leave for home. (or if you go through a ton of clothing, which babies are known to do!)

Consider a travel bag AND a Park Diaper Bag (if you have the room!) That way you can pack your park bag before you leave and then pack it up, so it’s ready to go when you get there! Then the travel bag can be used exclusively for travel and the items you might need there.

Post It notes/Sticky Notes because there is this one blinky light that comes from the fire alarm. I’m happy about the safety (and being married to a firefighter he loved the idea) but every time we stay at LEGOLAND it’s annoying to have that flashing in the middle of the night!

Temporary tattoos or a marker if you have a mobile kiddo. They get away so fast and it’s good to have a plan in case they get lost.

We don’t bring many toys to LEGOLAND as they offer so many Legos both in the room, in the downstairs lobby play areas and in the parks. We do bring a few ‘sensory’ type calm down toys like stuffies, rattles, crinkle paper, etc.

Headed there when it’s warmer? Consider these things to keep babies and toddlers cool at LEGOLAND

Several Swimsuits so you can take advantage of the splash pad areas. Consider the swim diaper/covers and don’t forget your towels!

child in a wet suit standing at a lego table that is covered in water and legos

A fan (or two) for the stroller or to clip on your shoulder when baby wearing. This is the fan we grabbed, and I like it better because it has bendable arms (the two we got with clips broke rather quickly, but bendy arms are holding up!)

Mesh covers for the stroller (and beware of using blankets, which can increase the temps in the stroller by 10 degree’s)

The Lillebaby Airflow infant/Baby/toddler Carrier, which has a mesh section. We’ve used one of these every summer in Florida with great success (and we also use it when we go in the pool!)


Pack more like you are headed to a relatives house that doesn’t have kids, and then be pleasantly surprised when things work out better than expected!

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