Christmas time at Animal Kingdom (details and photos!)

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The most wonderful time of year is here! And with it, Disney World has some new things they are adding to an already fun lineup.

We all know about the Very Merry Christmas Party- and while that is super magical, it sucks that it’s behind a paywall AND it’s getting hella crowded. You spend 100 dollars for a few hours of Christmas entertainment and festivities all while you rush around trying to get everything done!

But this year, things are different and we couldn’t be more excited for the changes!

SO lets talk about all the wonderful things they did at Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World resort for this Holiday Season!

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First things First, they gave it a major makeover.

We’re talking lights, camera… CHRISTMAS! Yeah boy, it looks amazing at Animal Kingdom. From the adorable decorations right when you walk in, to the festivities all around the park, Animal Kingdom is in the Christmas Spirit!

I love getting greeted with holiday decorations before walking into the parks!
and yes- this was SO BRIGHT that it lit up the ENTIRE area! Launchpad McQuack said you could see it from outer space and I believe him!

Wanna Know what else? A new Holiday Story at the Tree of Life!

My kids are OBSESSED with the tree of life. It’s so much fun to walk around it during the day, and then see the animals come alive at night.

While it may not be as widely recognized as Cinderella’s Castle or the Large Epcot Ball It IS just as Disney as ever with all the fun things they’ve done with it the last few years.

This photo was after the show had ended- but we were right up front where the photographer was at. It was awesome!

And now for the holiday szn? An adorable show! My kids (and me, let’s just be honest) thought it was one of the best one’s we had watched. It rotates throughout the night, so you aren’t fighting insane crowds or worried about missing it. We caught one of the last showings last night and loved it!

Most Importantly? Christmas Characters!


Can you tell I’m excited? Because I’m excited that we have Christmas Characters that everyone can enjoy now. It’s amazing! And the lines weren’t too bad!

We headed over to Dinoland (and let’s just say that the decorations there are some of the best in the entire park!) and had such a good time meeting some of our favorite characters, now with sparkly new holiday decorations and costumes.

LOVE goofy normally, OBSESSED over goofy now that he’s been converted to the Christmas season. That little tree on his vest just leaves me so weak- it’s adorable!

If you’ve ever been here before, you’ll know that the lines aren’t too bad- and they really weren’t. I think the longest we waited was 15 minutes for Chip and Dale. Not to mention that they are all in the same area, so we hit up 5 characters in an hour! Thats a HUGE win in my book with three young children.

And really, how CUTE are the scenes now with lights and trees and garlands. It just makes me so happy!

Plus they make GREAT pictures! Especially if you have the photopass option!

Other characters were involved in the Holiday festivities, but we ended up being too busy with Starbucks Hot chocolate and the dance party over in Africa to hit everyone up in the few hours we dropped by the parks.


We’ll be back to Animal Kingdom Several more times before the holidays are over, especially now that they’ve made it so wonderful with the new holiday additions.

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