12 Allergy Friendly Snacks at Disney World (top 10= GF/WF, SF, DF, EF, PN, TN, F/SF, Corn and Sesame)

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My favorite favorite thing to do when it comes to Disney World is talk about the allergy friendly options! There’s a surprising amount of options and it helps to know ahead of time which snacks to check on.

To make the most of your Disney World trip, consider making a Food Bucket List. Check out items below, on Social Media, and personal must haves (like if you’ve never had allergy fried chicken, add that to the list!) That way you’ll know what to prioritize because there’s already so much to do and plan for on a Disney World Vacation!

Now, there are over 100 allergy snack options I’d recommend (and you’ll find those in the snack guide), but here’s the top 12 Allergy Friendly Options to get started with. (And if you’re looking for the yummy snacks for those without food restrictions, check out my friend’s post with all the best disney snacks for your vacation!)

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

12.Mickey Pretzel

Listed Allergens: Wheat/Gluten and Corn Syrup. (pretzel cheese has Milk, Whey, Mustard, Corn, Caramel, Dyes)

Where to find the pretzels: All over Magic Kingdom (consider what else is sold at the kiosk, as you might find that they have cross contact with nuts or other allergens). And at the other parks you’ll find it sold too, it’s just not as common! You do not have to get the pretzel cheese!

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11.Dole Whip

Listed Allergens: Coconut and Corn (maltodextrin) No dyes, as they use natural flavoring. Severe soy allergens may react to the mono and diglycerides used.

Where to find Dole Whips:

  • Story Book Treats Magic Kingdom
  • Sunshine Terrace Magic Kingdom
  • Aloha Isle Magic Kingdom
  • Pineapple Lanai The Polynesian Resort
  • EPCOT during the Festivals
  • Tamu Tamu at Animal Kingdom
  • Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs
  • Typhoon Tilly’s at Typhoon Lagoon

10.Chocolate Covered Bananas

Listed Allergens: Contains Peanuts, Tree nuts and Soy. Shared Facility with wheat, dairy, and coconut. Labeled Gluten and Dairy Free.

Where to find these: All over Magic Kingdom (See more at this post) and Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios at outdoor ice cream stands.

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9.Candied Bacon

Listed Allergens: No top 9 allergens listed. Contains Nitrites.

Where to find these: Frontierland in Magic Kingdom


Listed Allergens: Some are just ice and liquid flavor, Some have HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). Shared facility warning. Dyes vary by flavor.

Milk is present in the booth.

Where to find these:

  • Kabuki Cafe in Japan at EPCOT
  • Caravan Road stand in Animal Kingdom

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7. Fresh Popcorn

Listed Allergens: Coconut Oil, Corn **** bagged popcorn has a totally different allergy profile! This is only for fresh popped popcorn.

Where to find popcorn: It’s everywhere, you’ll smell it before you see it!

Note for Nut Allergies: Several of the popcorn stands offer nut products and then touch the popcorn scoop (or drop it in the popcorn itself!!!) Look for nut free popcorn stands (they are at every park. At Magic Kingdom, at the entrance. At Animal Kingdom, in Africa. At Hollywood Studios by Frozen sing along. At EPCOT by Connections Shop).

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6.Ice Cream Sundae

Listed Allergens: This one depends on where you go! I recommend Beaches and Cream with has Tofutti soy based ice cream, So Delicious Coconut Based Ice Cream, Milk based Ice cream without egg and several top 8- top10 free toppings!

Where to find these: Beaches and Cream! If you can enjoy milk, then The Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom is also a great choice for a shake or a sundae

This features an allergy friendly brownie by Sweet Street. Has Milk, Eggs, Soy. Certified Gluten Free.

5.Cotton Candy

Listed Allergens: None. Hard prepackaged ones do not have an allergen statement. The Bagged options do have a shared facility allergen statement. See more on this instagram post.

Where to find these: Everywhere (literally!)

4. Allergy Friendly Brownie

Listed Allergens: No top 12 in ingredients. (does have corn derivatives). House made in a shared facility using allergen procedures.

Find this at Ale and Compass Market, at Yacht Club Resort (near Swan and Dolphin and Beach Club). This is out the back entrance of EPCOT and you can walk/boat ride from Hollywood Studios. See ingredient lists in this post!

Download your Snack Guide today for more finds like this!

3.Beignets (secret menu allergy option)

Listed Allergens: Corn (made with Bob’s Red Mill pizza flour and a lot of other ingredients)

Where to find the Beignets: Port Orleans Resort at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe. Important Notes, the hours aren’t listed on the app (only lists the nighttime club) and also doesn’t list these beignets! But they are a secret menu item. Learn more in this post!

2. Lemon Burst Cookies

Listed Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Corn. Shared Facility with Peanuts and Soy. Certified Gluten Free

Where to find them: These are prepackaged items by WOW baking Find these in most shops and resorts. The Confectionaries and Bakeries also carry these.

Download your Snack Guide today for all the packaged options available!

1. Allergy Cookies

We’ve got two cookies to choose from! Homefree Cookies are found at many of the Quick Service locations inside the Parks, and Partake Cookies are found in the Resorts and at some Table Service locations inside the parks

Listed Allergens: Free of top 14 Allergens

Partake Cookies with the Coconut Cake at 1900 Park Fare

And that’s a wrap! There’s lots more snacks and food reviews where that came from, it’s recommended to start with Magic Kingdom for Food Allergies, or Magic Kingdom for Gluten Free.

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