Allergy-Friendly Mickey Waffles at Home

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If there’s one thing that 95% of the people can agree on, it’s Mickey Waffles! While the other 5% don’t know what they’re missing, those of us that do enjoy Mickey Waffles know that they are a fun and delicious treat. 

And we’re all about serving up some allergy friendly eats here- in fact- that’s our speciality! 

I’m not a Disney expert… but I am a Mickey Waffle Expert (and I’ll throw Disney World food allergy expert in there too!) 

Anyways- back to these waffles. It’s like a cult following, with tshirts and merch themed after our delicious eats. I know I’m totally obssessed, and what better way to get your Disney Fix than with waffles at home!?

It’s one of those one to one treats that soooo many people can enjoy! From those with lifestyle choices like vegans and vegetarians, to those of us with food allergies that need to follow strict guidelines like being gluten free or plant based. Mickey Waffles bring us all together!!! 

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Let’s make Mickey Waffles at Home! 

Let’s do this! 

First up- we need the waffle iron. Now, Mickey Waffle Irons at Disney World are commercial grade and made by golden malted. BUT Disney does have two DIY irons on the market for those of us looking to indulge from home (can we just fedex some waffles? Is that even a thing? I live for the day I can order Mickey Waffles on Uber Eats) 

The Budget-Friendly Mickey Waffles is this one, but if you want the exact size and shape that they have at the resort, this nifty iron is gonna be your new BFF. 

I went ahead and grabbed this larger one, while it is more expensive, I wanted the waffles that they make at Disney (they are smaller and more waffle shaped, less like a pancake!)

SO- we’ve got the iron (and really- sometimes the mix is all you need for some of those delicious gluten free and top 8 safe waffles, so feel empowered using the mixes below to make some regular shaped allergy friendly waffles at home!) 

Mickey Mouse Waffles

NOW- let’s talk mixes! 

My favorite part! Disney uses a variety of mixes. Not every place carries the same mix! Traditional regular mix is by Golden Malted. Next, if you are just gluten free and it’s a lifestyle thing (not an allergy) you can use the mix they carry everywhere in the park- Golden Malted Gluten Free. This is also the one they use for other lifestyle needs like vegan and vegetarian and it is made with soy flour. 

The next mix they use that’s common at the resorts especially, is the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour. 

Lastly, we’ve got top 8 certified (so gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, treenut free, fish and shellfish free and egg free) Namaste Waffle Mix. 

Technically- there’s a fifth mix. The wonderful chefs at Chef Mickey have created their own allergy friendly mix. 

Confused? Let’s break it down. 

Certified top 8 = Namaste Mix

Wheat Free = Golden Malted Gluten Free, Bob’s Red Mill, Namaste 

Dairy Free = Golden Malted Gluten Free, Bob’s Red Mill, Namaste 

Soy Free = Golden Malted, Bob’s Red Mill, Namaste 

Egg = all call for egg, but non have egg in the ingredients

Corn = all have corn 

Peanut free, treenut free, fish free, shellfish free = Golden Malted, Golden Malted GF, Bob’s Red Mill, Namaste 

Waffles? Yes please

I think that’s the thing I totally love about the waffles- for many, it’s a way to feel normal and get to eat what everyone else is eating! 

The results

So yeah… you get your waffle iron of choice, you get your mix of choice and then VOILA!

Mickey Waffles in the houuzzzz

Going to Disney World soon and want some waffles? 

You can find Namaste and Bob’s Red Mill at the majority of resorts- the Golden Malted Gluten Free is in most common in the Parks. 

Breakfast is pretty hard IN the parks with food allergies- so check your resorts for waffles options (especially character breakfasts because many of them don’t have all the options). 

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