BREAKING: We’ve got allergy friendly beignets again at Disney World

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ITS OFFICIAL: beignets are back

I am OVER THE MOON that this allergy friendly treat is here again at Walt Disney world after almost two years. There was some concern that this could be phased out (as many other things have changed because of 2020). So far, this is one of the things that not only survived, but may have gotten better with time!

If you are headed to Disney World in over the next year, be sure to check out the allergy friendly offerings for the 50th Anniversary. There’s something for everyone.

Allergy Friendly Beignets at Port Orleans Resort in Disney World

The flour used is gluten free bobs red mill flour. This does have a treenut cross contamination risk, but is a dedicated gluten free and peanut free facility. View more about Bob’s Red Mill, or contact the company if you have concerns.  

The Beignets contain no egg, no dairy, no soy, no treenuts. It’s vegan as is! 

Plus they are made in a dedicated fryer (yay!) and it *will*take some time so be prepared to be patient. I ended up waiting over 30 minutes on opening day, and it’s likely it will be closer to 15 minutes on average.

Beignets came in a sealed bag with this label. I plated them for the pictures.

As far as other allergens… there is corn in powdered sugar but the cinnamon sugar speciality beignet is corn free. You can also get it without any toppings (so a plain beignet) as that is corn free. There is no sesame used.

Pricing is 6 beignets for 10.99 or 3 for 6.99, order at Port Orleans Resort at Scat Cats Club Cafe. 

Naturally we need to talk about the toppings and sides. There is a powdered sugar topping which is how they normally come. Then there is a raspberry specialty, which is top allergen free. The chocolate dipping sauce available on the side does contain milk (we don’t think they need sauce anyways!) But the chef said the caramel doesn’t contain milk (pretty sure it might tho! so always double check!)

You can read more about why Port Orleans is a favorite of mine and it’s one I recommend in the Food Allergy Disney World Guide Book as a great allergy friendly resort to stay at

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