Food Allergy Friendly Baked Goods at Disney World (details and locations)

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FInding yummy treats at Disney World when you have allergies can be a bit overwhelming. They have some things here, some things there- one restaurant might not be able to accommodate one allergy and another has a shared kitchen.

That’s where this post comes in- a cheat sheet to where you can find options around the resort so that you can eat safely.

Sure we have prepackaged foods (and you’ll find several options at Disney in many of the stores under the label ‘snacks with character’) but when you want a real and fresh treat, you don’t want something prepackaged.

It’s such a blessing to be able to share this- I remember when I first found out that Disney was the vacation destination for those with allergies. I hope you find what you’re looking for- if not, leave a comment or check out our list of allergy friendly reviews at Disney World.

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Birthday Cakes and special occasions

First things first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Where the heck can you get a cake for those of us that have allergy restrictions?

Well, if you are gluten, egg, soy, or diary (or corn with advance notice!) you can special order a cake from Erin Mckennas and they will take it to the Disney restaurant for you! (order via their website)

Sprinkles will also do the same thing- but they are only for those of us that are gluten free.

Most importantly- you can call Disney themselves at 407- 827-2253 for the dedicated cake line and to speak with someone about accommodations for your specific allergy.

Erin Mckennas

We have a tradition in our house since we are so fortunate to live close to a safe bakery. Every year at our Birthdays we load up and go to Erin Mckenna’s in Disney Springs for some safe baked goods

All of the food is gluten free, vegan and kosher. It is also soy free!

The facility is not nut free- they do use coconut (but apparently they do not use any other nuts). I’ve read up a lot about this, and some people with nut allergies feel comfortable, others don’t because they do use Bob’s red mill flour and they’ve had undisclosed allergy issues in the past.

With advance notice, Erin Mckennas can accommodate corn allergies as well.


Located in the wonderful Downtown Disney Area (which has several awesome gluten-free and allergen-friendly restaurants) you’ll find Sprinkles Cupcakery (no, I didn’t make up that word!

Sprinkles has several gluten-free options and dairy/egg free options available depending on the day.

It makes me weary to shop from here because, while the cupcakes are supposedly made in a separate facility, they are stored in the same case (and we all know how easy cross-contamination is! It’s why I love testing food when I suspect that there is an issue.

While my Husband has enjoyed it a few times now (never from the ATM, he always goes inside to order and has them grab a cupcake from the back) it’s not something we feed our kids!

Crave Bakehouse

While Erin Mckenna’s is awesome for on site accommodations, there’s another local Orlando place that will ship to the resort that is a must consider.

Crave bakehouse (their physical location is called Keto on 4th) is a dedicated gluten free bakery similar to Erin Mckennas. The difference is that they are NOT plant based but they ARE sugar free- which is really great for those of us that limit sugar or have family members that do.

These are a great idea for Breakfast as donuts are their specialty- because let’s be honest. It’s one of the weak areas when it comes to allergies at Disney World.

Boardwalk Bakery

Another option that you might not have been aware of is the Boardwalk bakery. This small little shop is located on the boardwalk loop and is a Disney Owned spot.

Here you’ll find the beach club, boardwalk and yacht club resorts. It’s conveniently located between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. It’s also right by Trattoria Al Forno– one of my all-time favorite character breakfasts. (though Cape May at Beach Club was also very good)

They have prepackaged Erin Mckennas and then some gluten free muffins they make in house.

Here’s the thing though, when I spoke with the manager she explained that the muffins were made in the mornings after the kitchen had been cleaned, and then frozen for use. This is going to be a comfort level thing- but even if you don’t eat what’s made there, you can still grab erin mckennas.

Valhalla Bakery

If you’re looking for a plant-based option (not gluten-free) I’ve heard fabulous things about Valhalla Bakery. As of right now, they do NOT deliver to Disney World, so you’d need to use your vehicle or an uber to grab some tasty treats.

From what my good friend has told me (again, can’t eat it because it’s not gluten free) it’s fabulous and one of the best places for plant based (dairy and egg free) products in Orlando. Not only do they have baked goods, but they also have other full course meals as well!

To recap

You’ve got options! I know it doesn’t always seem like a lot, but let’s be honest, eating with allergies IS hard at times. Don’t forget about the top 8 safe beignets– these are really a great treat for everyone to enjoy.

Thankfully we have some things we can do to ensure that we have yummy and tasty treats! Be sure to look at the top 5 gluten free sweet treats at Disney World

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  1. Would love to have The Bulk Pantry in Winter Garden FL added to your list! We are gluten free, sugar free, and low carb! We deliver to Disney Resorts also!

    • Wonderful April! I love finding local places that can cater to food allergies (especially when it comes to Disney World and yummy baked goods!) I’m going to email you so we can get some more details about the products you offer.


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