Allergy Ingredients: Funnel Cake in America at EPCOT

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You’ll KNOW when you’re headed to America, as you’ll smell the Funnel Cakes from many steps away!

The delicious smell of fresh fried dough and powdered sugar comes from a tiny little dedicated funnel cake stand… just like you’d find at a local fair.

Allergy Ingredients for the Funnel Cake at EPCOT

Sad news friends, this cake is not what I’d call allergy friendly! The dough contains Wheat, Egg, and Milk… it is fried in soybean oil… and it is produced in a facility with nuts!

Despite Funnel Cakes being the only thing offered at this tiny stand, there is an allergen warning proudly displayed at the front ordering window!

Not all hope is lost thought, just steps away in Japan you can find Kakagori (which is a very allergy friendly shaved ice!) or grab some enjoy life cookies at the American Quick Serve, Regal Eagle.

Get all of the details for planning an Allergy Friendly EPCOT in this guide post!

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