All Star Resorts Food Allergy Friendly Menus and Options (Photos)

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Disney World has lots of different places to stay, including different tiers of resorts. Value, Moderate, and Deluxe, they have different price points and food options! While you’ll find some of the same options across the parks, each of the resorts will have their own finds- so we’re going to check out what’s available at the All Star Resorts Food Courts.

The All Star Resorts are located by Animal Kingdom and the ESPN sports center. They are notorious for hosting cheer camps and sports teams, and they are also a super popular option for those looking to get the lowest priced rooms on their Disney World Stay. They are part of the ‘value’ resorts, with Pop and Art of Animation being in the same category.

There are three All Star Options, and they are all right next to each other, you can easily walk in between the resorts (which is great for those of us that like diversity in our food options!) We stayed at the suites at Music, and it was a perfect fit for our family of 5. If you feel like resort hopping, head over to the closest resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you can find the Mara, Sanaa, and Boma.

On this last stay, we checked out the options at All Star Sports and All Star Music, and we were told by the Chefs that they have very similar options between each of the three.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at All Star Music

Smack in the middle of the Sports and Movies resort is All Star Music. It’s home to Family Suites (That we loved!) and some cute Disney theming!

We ate all three meals here. Mickey Waffles for Breakfast, Sandwiches and nuggets for lunch and some Fish and Chicken for Dinner.

Allergy Friendly Waffles safe for top 8

Gluten, Dairy, Pn/TN and fish/shellfish free chicken avocado sandwhich! Has egg and soy lethicin.
Gluten Free Chicken For Dinner!

My Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of options available, though this was pretty standard quick serve food. I was VERY thankful to find out that the dinner options were all gluten friendly (or could easily be made that way) because it took a lot of guesswork out for my husband.

Ordering Allergy-Friendly Food

At Breakfast and Lunch, you order at the spot circled in the picture. Simply walk up and ask to speak with a chef. There are no menus but they’ll ask you about your allergies and walk you through the options.

These are the options at the dinner station, and everything can easily be made gluten friendly!

Food Court Options at All Star Resorts

Food Allergy Snacks at the All Star Resorts

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