All Star Music Family Suite Review- 2020 Update (Photos)

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Disney World has been rolling out hotel revamps across many of the resorts in anticipation for a large crowd to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2021- not to mention that the much of the decor was grossly outdated.

We stayed at the new refurbished All Star Music Family Suite, mostly to check out the Food Allergy Options at the All Stars, but also to see how our family of 5 would comfortably fit inside the updated rooms.

I much prefer this new update- so let’s take a look at the room set up and changes!

What’s Changed

For those that have previously stayed in the All Star Music Family Suite, you’ll be happy to know that the days of the ottoman couch are long gone. In it’s place are two pull down murphy beds, which we are seeing all over the Walt Disney World Resort.

The rooms also got an upgrade with tech enhancements, like 18 USB plugs scattered around the room, and two large 55 inch TV’s.

While the interior decor was remodeled, the only significant structural change was the master bedroom being converted into a suite- instead of the bathroom having two doors it only has one.

The Family Room

Walking into the suite, you immediately come into the family room that has two pull-down murphy beds. During the day, these beds house the couch and the dining table, at night they convert into two queen-sized beds.

View from the doorway. Both the couch and table are hiding pull down murphy beds- kitchen and master suite are to the left.

The ottoman is completely empty and used for storage, as well as a closet area in the bathroom. Pillows are stuffed in the drawers under the TV, so if you have a lot of clothing and want to put the beds up during the day, you may have an issue with space.

One of two pull down murphy beds

Off of the family room, you’ll find bathroom number one. It’s got a door seperating the sink and the toilet/tub area. Decent amount of storage available, and a full-sized ironing board (which kinda surprises me- but sometimes it’s best not to ask questions about what people think is necessary in a hotel room!)

Bathroom off the family room with tub
Bathroom off the family room with storage space.

The Master Suite

Walking into the Master Suite and you’ve got quite a bit of room, easily enough to put a child’s crib next to the bed with ample walking space. The underneath of the bed is completely clear, which I love as an allergy parent because I know that no food will be hidden by bed skirts, and it’s a great area to throw the luggage!

Master Bedroom, vanity area to the right

The Bathroom is large and can comfortably fit two people rushing around in the morning to get ready- plus there’s a vanity in the master bedroom itself with a seat, counter space and lighting.

Oh hey! Don’t mind me, Just showing you the size of the bathroom.

Walk in Master Bath with walk in shower

The Kitchenette Area

The Kitchen area is in between the Master Suite and the Family Room is a narrow kitchenette. It has a medium-sized fridge/freezer, a microwave, and quite a bit of counter space. There’s a nifty coffee maker (not a Keurig but a single-serve maker none the less) that has Joeffery’s options available.

This is perfectly sized for a family that wants to keep snacks, freezer meals or medical supplies in a fridge without it being a full kitchen.

The fridge looks deceptively large here, but I can assure you it is only about 5 ft tall.

The Review

We Stayed in Calypso, room 414, and it was the perfect place for our family with three kids. Not only was it super close to the food court, but also easily accessible to the parking lot. Just outside our room was a playground (though it’s sugar sand so be forewarned!) and we loved taking the kids over to play before bed so they were nice and tired!

The Decor was nothing special (to me at least) because it’s very similar to what we are seeing around the value resorts with the new Mickey Update. The Food Court and check-in area were also refurbished with new art and I did enjoy the originality there!

I would absolutely stay here again as a family of 5- and my only complaint is that murphy beds seem to attract shins (especially in the middle of the night!) BUT the fact that they easily fold down from the wall and I don’t have to mess with them unlike the couch beds they have at places like the Cabins at Fort Wilderness and the Suites at Art of Animation!

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4 thoughts on “All Star Music Family Suite Review- 2020 Update (Photos)”

    • I thought they were very comfortable, and to tell you the truth… I was surprised. I wouldn’t be upset if I had a bed like that in my house!

  1. We are thinking of switching our reservation from AOA to here for our upcoming stay. It’s our first time as a family of 6 going to Disney. Kids are 10, 8, 6 and 4. From what I have heaed AOA is overall nicer and easier transportation… thoughts? Thanks!

    • Yes! I’m a family of 5, and when my aunt comes with us we love to stay at AOA. This post is for All Star Music… I would say that the suites are very comparable in size but with AOA you get the skyliner.


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