ABC Commissary Food Allergy Review and Menu (Hollywood Studios)

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Over on Commissary Lane, we’ve got the updated quick serve ready to give you some good eats!

In early 2020, this quick serve also introduced breakfast, and it will be interesting to see if it’s still an option throughout the year. I haven’t personally been over there for breakfast (the lines for galaxy’s edge are suffocating) but from what I’ve seen online, it’s a smorgasbord of lunch and dinner options that are allergy friendly.

For me, this was a good reminder to not pay for something till I am 100% sure of what they’re offering. Overall, we had an enjoyable meal–let’s talk about what happened and what options there are for eating!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Does the ABC Commissary have a Food Allergy Menu and Dedicated Fryer?

They have a lunch and dinner allergy menu, that I will post below! As far as a dedicated fryer, they have one that is totally gluten free, but it has other allergens because of what they fry in there (like dairy and soy lethicin).

My Review and what we ate that was Allergy Friendly

When ordering, I checked over the allergy menu and confirmed with a manager. But the manager was having a hard time getting the iPad to show the ingredients (which is more common than I care to admit). So I paid and she promised to follow up if anything seemed off.

Well, it was off and thankfully they double-checked on the other iPad that was working.

We ordered Pot Roast, and it turned out that it has soy protein (which our first manager didn’t realize) and the potatoes had dairy (which she also didn’t remember).

So this is the obvious lesson that I should never pay for food until I’ve looked over the ingredients myself. And I’m thankful they found an iPad that was working!

Even though it hasn’t happened yet, I dread the day where the iPads are all frozen or dead and we can’t see the ingredients list without them going into the freezer and pulling out every option.

But thankfully, we sat down to look at the iPad and it was relatively low stress with no one waiting behind me to order. After looking at everything we settled on the Beyond Burger with the Bloomfield top 8 free Allergy Bun. These are two items we’ve had great success with in the past.

The fries ended up being baked–and with the prepackaged ketchup they were actually quite yummy! I would recommend heading here again. Or you could check out the two other options close by, Backlot Express and PizzeRizzo!

Food Allergy Menu for ABC Commissary Quick Serve

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abc commissary food allergy
abc commissary food allergy
abc commissary food allergy

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