6 Delicious Drinks for staying Hydrated at Disney World

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You already know Florida can get really hot- I’m sure everyone and their mother has reminded you that Florida is the ‘sunshine state’.

Florida pulls no jokes. It lives up to the Sunshine state name in both beautiful weather and hot afternoons. But it also has it’s downsides as the weather fluctuates into the 90’s and 100’s.

At home, hot temps are no problem… but at Disney World so much of their festivities are outside that you’ve got to have a gameplan for those hotter temps!

Let’s look at some delicious drinks you’ll want to save in your phone to enjoy when it starts getting hot on vacation!

If you are heading there in the summer, it pays to be prepared with the top 10 items you need to pack or buy on vacation at Disney.

Worried about Rain Ruining your vacation? Don’t sweat it (pun intended!) There’s so many things you can do on vacation when it rains at Disney World.

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Find this in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora

Arguably one of the most popular drinks at Disney World, Pandora’s Night Blossom is a perfect addition to the lineup at the parks.

And yes, that IS a paper straw. You’ll only find paper straws at Disney World, so if that’s a no go for you- grab our favorite portable straw we bring with us to the parks! (Especially important if you have a gluten allergy or sensory issues like my family does! let’s avoid those medical issues on vacation ok?)

eating dairy free disney world

Over at Epcot, Disney Springs and random pop ups

This is a fan favorite drink that makes it’s way to Epcot for the festivals, and can commonly be found at Disney Springs!

Arendale Aqua, the blue drink that has been thinking of colder times, is inspired by the Frozen Movie. The drink is also frozen- well as frozen as you can get in Florida- which is really just a slushy!

My daughter, who is obssesed with all things frozen, loves to get these! She also loves seeing Anna, Elsa, and Olaf– but they aren’t all in the same easily accessible location.

It’s a refreshing, yet sugary, drink to enjoy on those hot days!

All Four Parks and Disney Springs

You’ll find Starbucks at all Four Disney Parks and Disney Springs (not the two water parks tho!) and it is a yummy treat to have on vacation!

There are a few exclusive drinks that come up from time to time, but our favorite to get on those hot days is a Starbucks refresher (it comes without caffeine.) We also enjoy getting the pink drink (has caffeine!)

Not into Starbucks? Try Jeoffrey’s Coffee, which you’ll also find scattered around the resort

Over in a land far far away in Hollywood Studios

You’ll find the infamous blue and green milk! Located in the new addition of Galaxy’s edge, it’s just one of the many things to do in this new Disney World Land!

This has taken the visitors by storm, and rightly so! It’s a fun new addition to the Disney Parks. But you’ll also find some complaints. While it’s a nice cool drink that’s slightly frozen, it also has some acquired tastes (I’d compare it to the reaction to butterbeer- some people love it, some hate it, but everyone buys it at least once!)

Need the allergens for this delicious cocktail? Head over to our food allergy guide for galaxy’s edge.

Around the parks in many many locations


A fan favorite known around the world, Disney has a couple of slushie flavors available for enjoying!

There are honestly so many slushies, and so many exclusive limited time offerings, that I can’t list them all here. Head over to DFB to see the latest if you are a slushie obsessed visitor heading there this summer!

Magic Kingdom Tavern has this cult classic

For fans of Beauty and the Beast, head over to Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom to enjoy Lefou’s Brew!

It’s like Apple Cider meets Caramel?

Hard to describe, but it’s something I like to enjoy during the summer (with a few allergy modifications for me!) and the line for this drink get’s REALLY long! Plus there’s other stuff to eat, including some exclusives that they debut every now and then! It’s one of the best Magic Kingdom Frozen Drinks, but you’ll also find a few more, like lemonade and the Chersire Cat drink (if it’s open!)

While your planning Magic Kingdom, check out this one day Rainy itinerary guide in case it Rains on your vacation! (which it will likely do if you are here in the summer!)

Honorable Mention

For those of you that have been to Epcot, you’ll likely know about ‘Club Cool’.

Club Cool is being refurbed right now, but it will be opening soon AND it is a MUST do if you are in Epcot.

Inside you’ll find drink fountains with CocaCola Products from around the world- and sample cups for you to enjoy a taste of delicious from another country!

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