Over 30 helpful Disney Packing Tips and Hacks 🙌

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Disney is such a fun and magical place to go on vacation- it’s truly a home away from home. There is so much to do and see that it can be overwhelming especially when considering what to pack for Disney World!

Maybe the most important question is not what to pack for Disney, but how to get all the stuff home that you bought! Thankfully Disney thought of a solution to that, and it involves some great options for getting things shipped home to you. But can they also ship me some pixie dust? ✨✨

Seriously though, You need to account for the weather, packing for fun events and unexpected Disney memories. There’s the pretty dresses, the room for all your souvenirs, and of course, your Mickey Ears!

 And if your reading this post you’re probably in charge of EVERYTHING- which lead you here to a professional Disney Traveler (that’s a thing right? I’m totally making that a thing!)

This can all be alittle overwhelming, and yes, you’ll forget something, but these packing hacks will make your planning alittle easier!

So a Disney Packing List is important not only for your sanity, but also for your budget so you don’t have to buy all the little things you forgot at the resort 😉

And while this list is helpful, things are different if you plan to bring a Baby to Disney World for packing must haves (so check out the packing list I linked!) and there’s another Disney packing list for Toddlers and Preschoolers too!

Let’s dive into all the things to bring to Disney World, plus some Disney Parks packing hacks designed to make your life easier and a lot more fun!

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Table of Contents 🙌

General Disney World Packing Tips

Disney Packing items You’ll Wish you had brought because it makes your life easier

Must See Disney World Packing Hacks

Disney World Items you should pack from around the house

Do not forget these essential Disney World items!!!

Disney World Packing Tips you Shouldn’t Consider 

General Disney Packing Tips 

At the most basic level, think about what you might need for your trip!

Like if it’s hot, PLEASE consider bringing a portable fan- you won’t regret it! This handheld one is my favorite for myself, and then I have ones for the kids strollers (pro tip, they also work with baby carriers!) Ponchos are ALWAYS in my bag. Always. Always. Florida is ridiculous when it comes to the rain.

Truth be told though, this year (2022) I purchased a neck fan... and it’s a game changer! The neck fan sits on my lower neck/shoulders and blows a steady stream of air onto my face.

Pros: Battery lasts a long time, three levels of air speed, and fits my husband, myself and my six year old.

Cons to the neck fan: it catches my baby hairs, you have to wear hair up, and it dries out my husbands contacts if its on the medium or high speed (low is fine!)

If you want to grab the same neck fan I’ve used for several weeks now in the Florida heat, it comes in multiple colors, and it’s by JisuLife (but no matter what- bring some sort of fan if you aren’t a heat person!)

Bring a portable phone charger✨ (don’t forget the charging cord) because the My Disney App KILLS your phone. (OR you could order a pack of fuel rods on amazon, bring them with you, and then switch them out at the parks at the fuel rod stations)

Or just write everything on paper 😝😝

Don’t forget about entertainment for the adults and the kids. From boredom while traveling to waiting in long line- it sucks! 

I love to bring stuff for the kids. Normally I go to Target before a trip and shop the dollar bin section. I also love grabbing the travel water wow and puffy stickers from Melissa and Doug.

Disney Packing items that make your life easier

Prevent wardrobe discomfort!

Nothing is worse than being on vacation and having an injury (from small to large, they all suck!)

Save those feet of yours with a few simple and small things to pack!

Mole skin is a super important (and sooooo cheap!) thing to bring. It’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it! Blisters can (and will) happen while at the parks. So grab some moleskin to help any feet problems. (and in a pinch you can get it at the first aid stations)

I also recommend several pairs of shoes. One could give you blisters, one gets soaked in the rain, then you’re left with one pair- yikes! For shoes I always recommend two pairs for whatever season (so two sandals for summer, or two sneakers for winter) and then one shoe of the opposite season.

So in March you’d want to bring two sandals and then one pair of closed toed shoes. And then in December, two pairs of closed toe and one sandal.

IF you end up needing shoes, you can grab some at a few places- there’s Disney Springs (you can take transport too) there’s amazon same day delivery, and there’s also Target delivery (and target is VERY close to the parks if you drove or catch an Uber)

Embarrassingly enough, my issue isn’t with shoe blisters, but rashes in other places. I have a “thunder thigh” issue- BUT I do have a solution.

If you end up having chafing problems, definitely get some chub rub. You will be walking a lot. I have a favorite brand and it has saved my life more than once!

I used to hesitate sharing that with people, but honestly, my thighs eat my pants and despite doing a lot of healthy eating and working out, it’s still an issue. having a barrier there makes a significant difference. Also helps that my 200lb athletic husband with a BMI of 5 gets chub rub too. Not many people are immune 🤪

Glow Stick/Light up Toys- Yes, Disney has an amazing selection of all things that glow and light up. And like you can imagine, they do cost money

Here’s the updated list. Keep in mind that these are not novelty ones, just the regular light up items. Star Wars and specific light up toys are more.

So if you are looking to make this a budget friendly trip, then bring these items ahead of time!

Personally, Im all about the glow sticks.


Everyone in the family can wear them EVERY night- a pack of 50 will last you the whole trip

You don’t have to worry about loosing the toy from the night before or setting a trend of purchasing a new toy at each park! (it’s a meltdown preventer and I’m all about making my life easier!)

Fresh Breath

Disney does not sell Gum on property. Which is smart but also sucks. Because I really like to have some gum after I eat and it helps my sensory kiddo with waiting in line.

I always make sure to add some gum to my Target cart when I do my snack run (love getting pickup and delivery while at Disney!)

Must See Disney World Packing Hacks

 pop up storage can be lifesaver when organizing your room. Even if this is an adult only trip, you will still have dirty clothes. And forget about it if you have kids! Just try to contain the mess somehow!

Speaking of clothes, have you seen these amazing packing cubes?

I honestly thought it was too good to be true until I grabbed some to try, and now I can never go back to regular packing! These cubes are my favorite and I feel like an adult that has my life together when I open my luggage to see everything tucked into organized cubes 🤪

Disney World Items you should pack from around the house

If you have old ones around the house, or you went all out and got customized ones for your trip, these are a must have! Yes, you can get bottled water at the park BUT that requires standing in line. (and you’ll easily drop 60 in drinks for 4 people per day)

You need to drink lots of water at Disney and having a reusable bottle handy on transportation and the line rides will be very important to keeping you hydrated! Yes, the dining plan comes with a refillable mug that ONLY works at the resorts and I think it holds like 12 ounces? it’s deceptively small.

Plus, Disney has gone green with the paper straws and limiting the amount of lids they use (and PAPER cups- sturdy yet biodegradable). Paper straws are GROSS. I get it’s eco friendly, but mushy straw or, maybe worse to a toddler is a broken straw, is no fun!

So if straws are a big deal (especially those with sensory issues) you’ll want to bring some reusable ones. like these silicone ones because they clean easily AND they fold up so I can store them for later!

Another thing you’ll want to pack is a larger lunch box or a collapsible cooler. I’m sure that most of us have one of these lying around for family lunches and day trips. I’m a big fan of this one here, and I also rave about how its saved me thousands at Disney.

Fold it up and bring it along so that way you can bring your water in cold and keep snacks fresh. The Florida heat is brutal!

Plus it will keep everything organized. Once, you’ve eaten everything, just fold it back up! This one from Amazon is a lifesaver, it literally folds up so small! I love it!
Yes, yes, your on the dining plan- but there’s SO much food. And if you have anyone with allergies (that’s me so I’m just prepared to bring in food!) then you’ll want to bring these *just in case!*

Sunglasses/ Hat / Sunscreen

You obviously know what you will and will not wear as far as sun protection. Just make sure that you plan for it (even something like a SPF shirt can be helpful!) Don’t let sun poisoning or heat exhaustion ruin your trip!

For the love of all that is holy- put the sunscreen in a plastic baggie. And the shampoo (FYI- many of the resorts are doing away with single serve shampoo, the deluxe ones still have them but most value and moderate don’t. So don’t plan on taking these home with you!)


Even in the summer, there is a place for a light jacket. I’m crazy- I know, but the Florida wind can be brutal and a light cotton cover or swaddle blanket for the kids is perfect.

Some of these summer nights get breezy or the A/C might be wildly out of control. It’s better to bring it and not need it- especially when it comes to the kids. 

Lights, camera, shoots

Most people use their phones now, but if there was a time to bring your own camera, the time is now. This is especially true for a DSLR- you will get some absolutely magical shots. Don’t forget about a camera bag, SD card and extra battery. 

We just got the kiddos their own digital camera. It was incredibly affordable, totally digital, and they LOVED IT! Seriously, if you find it under 30 dollars its a steal and perfect for making memories!

Also, Selfie sticks ain’t allowed, and they’ll fuss at you for tripods that are too big- just FYI. I like using this smaller tripod that has adjustable arms, though I’ve seen a lot of influencers use ones that clip to the stroller.

Night Light

This is a must have even if you don’t have kids. Those rooms can get dark and the last thing you want is a stubbed toe at a resort. Just leave it in your toiletries bag for everytime you travel.

Ohh and a noisemaker. One of the times we got a ‘preferred’ room and it was right by the main pool that was open till 11. I wanted to scream! Now I always take a small portable white noise machine.

Plassssssticcccccc (said in my best pauly shore impression)

plastic baggies that is.

These baggies are so handy for everything! They work for storing snacks, storing souvenirs and for keeping your phone dry. They are also great for organization in your park bag and diaper bag! 

Pack outfits in gallon bags and bring quart sized ones for snacks and keeping phones dry. Use the snack sized ones for… snacks and crayons and everything else.

Recently we’ve been using grovia wetbags (or any wetbag will do) in an attempt to stop using so much throw away stuff. It still works great at Disney World and they are washable. Pick your poison for your vacation- just make sure you bring something to store all the “little things” in!

Don’t forget to pack these Disney Items!

These are those items that you don’t want to run out of while you are at Disney World! Yes, many of the parks and resorts carry these items, but they might not be the brand that you like.

I can also tell you from personal experience, since my husband is a medic, that people FORGET their prescription medications while at Disney. PLEASE don’t do that, and if you do, call your doctor right away so you can figure out what your plan is. 

Medications  (there is a local pharmacy delivery service if you need it)

Diapers/Wipes/Baby Supplies/Wet Wipes (they have Huggies at the parks)

Shoes and socks 

Hand Sanitizer 


Extra Camera Batteries and Memory Card 

Small Fan/Stroller Fan (the mickey fans SUCK! we’ve had two break on us this year, please bring your own! My SIL recommended this fan and we’ve used it every year for the last three years. It lasts about 80-100 days (so the summer season) before dying by toddler throwing. Highly recommend!)

Large Portable Charger

Laundry Bag 

Wet Bag

Disney Costumes 


Mouse Ears (the headbands are not adult friendly- the ones on Etsy are better)

Disney T-shirts 

Travel First Aid Kit

Disney World Packing Tips you Shouldn’t Consider 

Disney does have it rules about what you can and cannot bring in the parks. I’ve also been enough times to know that certain items just aren’t necessary.

Umbrellas tend to do more harm than good- literally. You’re poking other people, splashing water all over yourself when you fold them up and they take up a lot of valuable room when it’s not raining. Get a bunch of ponchos instead.

Selfie Sticks are simply not allowed at Disney. Pack one and you won’t be bringing it home.

Towels are a dime a dozen at Disney. You can get them from your resort, from the pool area and you can buy one in a pinch from many of the stores in the parks. But you should pack a towel if you plan to go to the waterparks, or purchase one for a few dollars instead.

Looking for something to sit on when you are waiting for the parades or fireworks? Try a monkey mat instead!

Adult Costumes are another item that simply isn’t allowed unless your going to the halloween party. Even then, they are very strict on what is and isn’t allowed. Make sure to check the rules before you go.

Lastly, Let’s Talk about what Luggage to use for a Disney World Vacation

So whatever luggage you have laying around is probably more than adequate for your trip- you DONT need to buy new luggage just because you are coming to Disney.

What you do need to do, is plan strategically!

Pack an extra bag or two (OR pack your bags half full!) as you will have stuff to bring home and you don’t want to have to buy several extra bags there. You can ship stuff home (and the prices are reasonable- way better than you’d find at the post office) so don’t panic if you’ve used all your space up.

In your Carry On bag you’ll want to pack a bathing suit/extra change of clothes. Your Magic Bands, Money, ID, snacks, and whatever you want for your first day at the resort.

Chances are you’ll wait awhile when checking in- normally we wait a few hours (yes, even with checking in early on the app) and a few months back we waited 5 hours at Beach Club. Not typical, I know, but plan for the unexpected. We had to dig bathing suits out of our luggage and it was not pretty with three kids!

Speaking of which, Magical Express (the people that bring you to and from the airport) give you two options for luggage. The first is to bring it on with you, the other is to check it with them and they’ll deliver it.

Except for many times they ‘loose’ peoples luggage. Accident’s happen, so if keeping your luggage safe is a big deal, make sure you handle it yourself on Magical Express.

One last packing tip

Bring extra undergarments!

Hear me out- socks get wet, kids get over excited and might have an accident, you are sweaty and HOT! So just bring several more than you think you need. You can thank me later!

Disney does sell underwear at the resort shops- but yeah… just so ya know.

Wrap Up

Disney travelers- I’ve got to know, do you have any extra packing tips or hacks to share? Let us know in the comments or on social media !

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