Over 30 helpful Disney Packing Tips and Hacks

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Disney is such a fun and magical place to go on vacation- it’s truly a home away from home. There is so much to do and see that it can be overwhelming- especially when it comes to the packing!

You need to account for the weather, for every member in your family and for fun items you want to bring. 

Don’t forget all the instagram pictures you want to take- so you need to bring your favorite outfits and get the whole family on board. 

And there’s also the fact that Disney is expensive! So you want to remember to bring some basic things so you don’t end up purchasing them at the parks or resorts.

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Plus, you are probably celebrating something- and that requires some pre-thought to packing too! 

What about overpacking? That’s totally a thing 

Have I totally freaked you out yet?

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Ok, so I know I said all those things above about everything you should plan and pack for- but have no fear, because I’ve compiled the top packing tips for Disney World.

These tips are a combination of my own travels to Disney (over 200!) and some comments from Family and Friends, since pretty much everyone in Florida goes to Disney for Vacation! 

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General Packing Tips 

At the most basic level, think about what you might need for your trip! Like if it’s hot, PLEASE consider bringing a fan- you won’t regret it!

Bring a portable phone charger (don’t forget the cord) because the My Disney App KILLS your phone. Or just write everything on paper. Or get one of the fuel cell chargers when you get to Disney (They are 30 dollars and you rent them). My favorite portable charger is this one from Amazon.

Bring a Sharpie- I can’t tell you the number of times I needed one on vacation to mark my stuff and didn’t have one. This is especially important if you plan to get autographs.

Only plan to bring just enough clothes- you can do laundry at the resort.

Don’t forget about entertainment for the adults and the kids. From boredom while traveling to waiting in long line- it sucks! I love to bring stickers for the kids, and their are lots of scavenger hunts printables you can find online!

I definitely reckon Amazon FreeTime for the kids. You can check that out here. And yes, Disney has WIFI pretty much everywhere!

Things you really should bring from your house 

Reusable Insulated Water bottle 

Wether you have them around the house, or you went all out and got customized ones for your trip, these are a must have! Yes, you can get water at the park BUT that requires standing in line.

You need to drink lots of water at Disney and having a reuseble bottle handy on transportation and the line rides will be very important to keeping you hydrated!

Plus, Disney has gone green with the paper straws and limiting the amount of lids they us (and PAPER cups- sturdy yet biodegradable). Save yourself the headache with a reusable water bottle! Grab one from Amazon here!

Or since you are on vacation, you could grab a more portable and easy to store bottle, like this collapsible one!

Bring a soft cooler 

I’m sure that most of us have one of these lying around for family lunches and day trips. I’m a big fan of this one here, and I also rave about how its saved me thousands at Disney.

Fold it up and bring it along so that way you can bring your water in cold and keep snacks fresh. The Florida heat is brutal!

Plus it will keep everything organized. Once, you’ve eaten everything, just fold it back up! This one from Amazon is a lifesaver, it literally folds up so small! I love it!

Sunglasses/ Hat / Sunscreen

You obviously know what you will and will not wear as far as sun protection. Just make sure that you plan for it (even something like a SPF shirt can be helpful!) Don’t let sun poisoning or heat exhaustion ruin your trip!


Even in the summer, there is a place for a light jacket. Some of these summer nights get breezy or the A/C might be wildly out of control. It’s better to bring it and not need it- especially when it comes to the kids. 


Most people use their phones now, but their is beauty in bringing your own camera. This is especially true for a DSLR- you will get some absolutely magical shots. Don’t forget about a camera bag, SD card and extra battery. 

Night Light

This is a must have even if you don’t have kids. Those rooms can get dark and the last thing you want is a stubbed toe at a resort. Just leave it in your toiletries bag. 

Ziploc Baggies 

These baggies are so handy for everything! They work for storing snacks, storing souvenirs and for keeping your phone dry. They are also great for organization in your park bag and diaper bag! 

Stuff You’ll Wish you had brought because it makes your life easier. Remember Amazon Delivers to the resorts!

Ponchos are a must have for any Disney trip. Rain happens!

In fact, Rain is so common I talk about it in a few places, like 9 ideas for when it rains, and if Disney World has a rain refund policy.

But the main takeaway is to be prepared with something- ponchos are definitely preferred because they fold up so small and are relatively inexpensive.

Prevent wardrobe discomfort!

Nothing is worse than being on vacation and having an injury (from small to large, they all suck!)

Save those feet of yours with a few simple and small things to pack!

Mole skin is a super important (and cheap!) thing to bring. It’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it! Blisters can (and will) happen while at the parks. So grab some moleskin to help any feet problems.

I also recommend several pairs of shoes. One could give you blisters, one gets soaked in the rain, then your left with one pair- yikes!

Try to bring 3-5 pairs of shoes that you know are pretty comfortable. If you end up having chafing problems, definitely get some balm. You will be walking a lot.

Glow Stick/Light up Toys- Yes, Disney has an amazing selection of all things that glow and light up. And like you can imagine, they do cost money

. Here’s the updated list for 2019. Keep in mind that these are not novelty ones, just the regular light up items. Star Wars and specific light up toys are more.

So if you are looking to make this a budget friendly trip, then bring these items ahead of time!

Personally, Im all about the glow sticks.


Everyone in the family can wear them EVERY night- a pack of 50 will last you the whole trip

. You don’t have to worry about loosing the toy from the night before or setting a trend of purchasing a new toy at each park!

If you want to buy the glow toys at Disney, you totally can!

Stay Cool with a cooling towel

Cooling Towels are available at Disney.

So if you forget to grab one before hand, dont worry, you can snag it at Disney Prices!

I personally recommend grabbing them before hand- and getting different colors for different family members so you can keep things cool and organized!

Gum/Mints- Disney does not sell Gum on property. Which is smart but also sucks. Because I really like to have some gum after I eat and it helps my sensory kiddo with waiting in line.

Noise makers are one of my top items because we all need sleep- but sometimes that sleep is at different times of the day! I generally bring a small portable noise maker for the stroller for nap time, and my larger noise maker for the room.

This ensures that any early bedtimes, or late wake ups aren’t disturbed by noise outside the hotel room. If you dont have one, you NEED one! Seriously, grab one off Amazon with all your other vacation items.

Packing Cubes or pop up storage can be lifesaver when organizing your room. Even if this is an adult only trip, you will still have dirty clothes. And forget about it if you have kids! Just try to contain the mess somehow!

What you’ll wish you had packed extra of

These are those items that you don’t want to run out of while you are at Disney World! Yes, many of the parks and resorts carry these items, but they might not be the brand that you like.

I can also tell you from personal experince, since my husband is a medic, that people FORGET their prescription medications while at Disney. PLEASE don’t do that, and if you do, call your doctor right away so you can figure out what your plan is. 


Diapers/Wipes/Baby Supplies/Wet Wipes 

Shoes and socks 

Hand Sanitizer 


Extra Camera Batteries and Memory Card 

Small Fan/Stroller Fan

Large Portable Charger

Laundry Bag 

Wet Bag

Disney Costumes 


Mouse Ears 

Disney T-shirts 

Travel First Aid Kit

Packing Tips you Shouldn’t Consider 

Disney does have it rules about what you can and cannot bring in the parks. I’ve also been enough times to know that certain items just aren’t necessary.

Umbrella’s tend to do more harm than good- literally. You’re poking other people, splashing water all over yourself when you fold them up and they take up a lot of valuable room when it’s not raining. Get a bunch of ponchos instead.

Selfie Sticks are simply not allowed at Disney. Pack one and you won’t be bringing it home.

Towels are a dime a dozen at Disney. You can get them from your resort, from the pool area and you can buy one in a pinch from many of the stores in the parks.

Looking for something to sit on when you are waiting for the parades or fireworks? Try a monkey mat instead!

Adult Costumes are another item that simply isn’t allowed unless your going to the halloween party. Even then, they are very strict on what is and isn’t allowed. Make sure to check the rules before you go.

Walt Disney Entertainment- Street performer- volunteer Firefighter

Lastly, Let’s Talk about Luggage

So whatever luggage you have laying around is probably more than adequate for your trip- you DONT need to buy new luggage just because you are coming to Disney.

What you do need to do, is plan strategically!

Pack an extra bag or two (OR pack your bags half full!) as you will have stuff to bring home and you don’t want to have to buy several extra bags there. 

Also consider having luggage tags if you dont already, those are a fun and cheap way to update for your upcoming Disney trip!

And my last luggage tip is to pack some popup style containers- it will make sorting your things while on vacation so easy (no one wants to live out of the suitcase!) and then easy for packing up. Bonus points if they can fit in your luggage already set up with items in them. It will make it so easy to unpack!

One last packing tip

Bring extra undergarments!

Hear me out- socks get wet, kids get over excited and might have an accident, you are sweaty and HOT! So just bring several more than you think you need. You can thank me later!

Wrap Up

Disney travelers- I’ve got to know, do you have any extra packing tips or hacks to share? Let us know in the comments or on social media !

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