Will a 2 year old enjoy Disney World?

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When it comes to kiddos at Disney World, there are a lot of questions about what the best age. This is totally understandable as traveling with toddlers and young kids is no small feat, it can be time consuming, expensive and feel more like work than a vacation. 

There’s something magical about Disney World though, especially when you are talking about kids under 5. I’ve got almost 4 kids of my own (waiting on that last one to make his/her entrance!) and have taken all the kids to Walt Disney World many many times. Need more tips to make the trip with your two year old extra special? We’ve got all the tips for taking a 2 year old to Disney World!

So will a 2 year old enjoy Disney World?

The short anwser is that yes, a 2 year old will enjoy a Walt Disney World Vacation, either by themselves or with siblings and cousins! There’s a bit more to the conversation that we need to add, after all, it does take some preperation to make sure that mom, dad and family also enjoy a vacation with a two year old. 

There are some things to consider, like what rides to take the toddlers on, how to interact with the characters in a fun and exciting way, and the pitfalls you’ll want to avoid (like epic tantrums and meltdowns!) to make this a magical trip for your two year old and for yourself!

Quick Note: Will a 2 yr old enjoy Disney World with Pandemic Modifications?

Before we launch into the stuff that makes or breaks your vacation, let’s talk about the temporary stuff related to the pandemic modifications at Disney World. 

I’ve taken a 2 now 3 year old (september 2020 birthday) to Disney World, and my current youngest will be two later this year in 2021. 

So is it still fun with all of the covid precautions for a 2 year old?

Not really. 

The kids don’t really get the concept of masks until they are closer to 3, so my kids have personally hated using the mask, especially at somewhere like Disney World where they are supposed to be having the time of their lives. 

Also consider that the options are significantly limited. Fireworks are scary for some 2 year olds, but some love it- either way- fireworks aren’t happening right now.  Characters are also a love/hate thing for toddlers, but you can only say hello from a significant distance. 

If you are itching to get out with your 2 year old, you might consider Universal Orlando that requires masks for 3 and up, or Legoland Orlando that requires for 8 and up. Otherwise be prepared to do a lot of maneuvering and fixing when it comes to 2 yr olds and the new modifications. 

Is it worth it to take a 2 year old to Disney World?

If we’re talking strictly money, yes, it is VERY worth it to bring the under 3 crowd! They are free when it comes to tickets, and also at most character dining options. Plus, depending on how you travel and way you stay, there is no extra cost for bringing them! 

One thing you will need to watch out for is that you bring the right stuff with you! Because if you make some toddler packing snafus, you’ll be shelling out a lot of money to get Disney toddler merch! This toddler packing post will get you prepared for all the must bring (and must not bring) packing items for disney world!

Will 2 year olds enjoy the characters?

Most 2 year olds are pretty good with the characters, especially the face characters of their favorite people! We’ve found in our own personal experience that toddlers and up (neurotypical ones) are totally ok with characters and like hugs or waves from a distance. 

I asked my instagram crowd what age enjoyed characters and what age didnt. 

85% of the responses said 2 and up loved characters and another 75% said that there was something between 12-20 months that caused kids to be absolutely freaked out by characters! (i excluded those who didn’t take there kids to the parks that young!) 

One of the best ways for toddlers to experience characters is at character meals. Most characters come around twice (but sometimes only once, so if it’s busy, assume once!) 

Character meals are a lot less rushed, and can give the 2 year olds some time to warm up to the characters! 

Meeting with the Beast at Be Our Guest Character Meal

Will 2 year olds enjoy the rides at Disney World?

Another question that I get all the time relates to the rides! There are so many rides at Disney World, and it can be both fun and overwhelming to know what ones to take the toddlers on! 

The good news is that the toddler rides are all pretty mild and they tend to love going on them. 2 year olds can ride any ride without a height requirement. So things like Dumbo at Magic Kingdom, and the Nemo ride at epcot are big hits! 

I will caution you that the Frozen ride at Epcot has a ‘scary’ drop that most 2 year olds are not fond of, and the Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom is also not recommended since you don’t want to be dealing with nightmares. Both of those rides are really best for kids 4-5 years old who can understand that it’s just a ‘ride’ and not reality. 

My kids had ridden this before- and it STILL scares them. Sometime around 3.5/4 they start to enjoy it more!

What will a 2 year old enjoy the most at Walt Disney World?

The cool thing about new toddlers is that they are pretty easy to appease. The thing they’ll love the most?

The hotel and your attention! 

Seriously. I love love love disney world. But the honest truth is that they are excited to go somewhere new and spend the WHOLE day with you! This goes without saying, but if you need a push to enjoy your trip with a two year old, remember that one day very soon they won’t need daily hugs and before you know it, they’ll be grown. 

Take the trip, 2 year olds will enjoy walt disney world and so will you!

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