10 things You didn’t know about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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Ok people, this is not a drill.

10 things you didn’t know (that you definitely should know) about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

This list below will surprise and delight, but more importantly, give you some good info you’ll need for your next vacation over to Orlando!

Things are not all that they seem at the Wizarding World, especially when you get Harry and his friends involved in their shenanigans.

10 things wizarding world

Between the rides (Hagrid’s is the best thing I’ve ever ridden) and the immersive worlds, and the allergy friendly foods, it feels like you’ve gone to a brand new place. It’s a must see for anyone remotely familiar with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

There’s a right way and a “wrong” way

It’s true. There’s a better way to experience the Wizarding World. For the first timers, I highly recommend coming into Universal Studios park FIRST and heading over to Diagon Alley.

10 things wizarding world

Do number 2 on this list and then hop on the Hogwarts Express to head over to Hogsmeade. This is the most authentic way to do the two parks because it really makes you feel like you are there!

10 things wizarding world
don’t mind me chilling post rona on the way to Hogwarts

Change in your money for real money

Real Gringotts money that is!

Head over to the bank in Diagon Alley and cash in your regular dollars for legit money that you can spend anywhere on Universal Property. I may or may not have 10 dollars invested as a souvenir I never plan to spend.

Grab a classic drink

There are so many different refreshments exclusive to the Wizarding World including the famous BUTTER BEER! Get it at both locations inside Universal (just avoid it if you have dairy or soy allergies).

And it comes regular, frozen and with ice cream! My husband swears it’s delicious. For me, I’ll stick with the top allergen friendly tongue tying lemonade!

You can Eat where you Favorite Characters ate in the movies

Speaking of which, you can’t go to the Wizarding World without getting some of the authentic and incredibly themed food!

If you have food allergies or intolerances, definitely check out the guide for safe eats while you’re there and for the rest of you, prepared to be surprised and delighted!

There’s no formal sit down option, but each park has a quick serve and several shops where you can grab a bite, a drink or a snack!

Enjoy the Live music

With frogs of course. When you head over to Hogsmeade, you’ll find the frog choir. (There’s live music at Diagon Alley too- but the frog choir is something you’ve never seen or will see again!)

This is a family favorite as they sing and croak some of the best tunes from the movies. 10/10 highly recommend.

You’re a wizard, Harry

Almost forgot to mention the interactive bit.

I know I know, how could I forget one of the coolest parts of the whole place! You can actually go to a wand choosing ceremony, get your own wand AND THEN BE APART OF THE WIZARDING WORLD.

Get your cloak and house scarf, you’re going to Hogwarts! Buy the wand and the map and head around each section of the Harry Potter Universe to find fun interactive segments that make you feel like your really inside the Wizarding World!

Wouldn’t be authentic without a little Alley Way

A Knockturn Alley Way if you catch my drift.

It’s slightly hard to find (after all it’s totally dark and spooky) but there is a Knockturn Alley in Diagon Alley!

Inside you’ll find lots of spooky and hidden frights, a sinister shop with good for purchasing, and a few more things I won’t dare share in case it ruins the surprise.

However, it’s not recommended for young kiddos or people that get scared easily. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

THE Hogwarts Express

If you get the two park ticket you’ve got to take the Hogwarts Express!

This train will bypass all the walking to get you from one area of the Wizarding World to the next!

10 things wizarding world

Even cooler? The Hogwarts Express is an actual ride AND it changes each direction! If you go from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade and back again you’ll get two totally different train rides!

Highly recommend as everyone in the family will enjoy it.

Moaning myrtle

It wouldn’t be complete without our favorite haunt, ole Moaning Myrtle. If you head to the girls’ bathroom in Hogsmeade you’ll catch Myrtle talking to herself and being absolutely miserable.

Not quite the same as the talking mirrors at Legoland Orlando, but hilarious and fun all the same!

Real life howler

Yes folks It’s true. There are REAL howlers that you can purchase AND mail directly from the Wizarding World. MIND BLOWN!

I am in constant awe with how authentic and real they’ve made this world. Grab one of these for your best friend, your mother, or anyone you might want to fuss at through the mail!

What else?

I had to stop myself at 10 things, but there’s so much mystery and entertainment at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter- and I’m not endorsed to say that in any way! It’s just the truth!

Between the rides (Hagrid’s is the best thing I’ve ever ridden) and the immersive worlds, it feels like you’ve gone to a brand new place. It’s a must see for anyone remotely familiar with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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